It’s been one month since I last made an entry in my journal! My bad. Why do I keep a journal when I’m not even consistent in making entries?

As you may have already noticed, I’m seriously battling with this consistency thing, even writing prompts don’t seem to work because I don’t write when I’m not in the mood and when I’m not in the mood, the creative juices don’t flow.

So while I was making an entry, a question just crossed my mind “what if someone gains access to this journal?!” Well that means all my secrets would be out in a split second and what if I had entered something about the person who gained access to my journal? Gbege! Yawa will burst oo lol! So that brings me to the main question. Is it necessary to make entries about your personal life? And I mean the totality of it? Like what went on each day, your thoughts, everything, you know, I’m just wondering.

When I was much younger, my siblings gained access to note pad, I had scribbled lots of my thoughts and stuff going on around me in it, it wasn’t funny at all, it eventually turned into black mail lol! They would want me to add an extra piece of meat to their food and grant them unmerited favour, kilode?! Is it a bad thing to scribble your thoughts? I should have just kept them in my head but then I would have forgotten all about them quickly, I can’t even remember most things I had written down a long time ago. It’s just so impossible.

Why then is it so important to keep a journal?

To understand ourselves better

Everyday passes by so quickly leaving us with little or no memories to even prove they existed. Writing a journal about our lives’ struggles, challenges, wins and achievements can help give us a clearer understanding of our past, present and future.

To stay organized

Writing a journal helps to organize our thoughts, ideas and goals better. Let’s say you have these really great ideas or dreams, it’s all in your head, I assure you that soon you’ll forget all about them, your brain isn’t wired to retain every thought every single time. Write them down, your brain will thank you. This is a very important tip for content creators, I know you all can attest to this; when you have a great idea and you don’t write it down immediately, chances are you’ll forget it before you say jack!

Clarify your thoughts when you’re upset

This tip works like magic. When I’m extremely upset, I pick up a pen and a paper and just start writing until I no longer have something to write. When I do that, I transfer all my anger to that paper and in turn clear my head.

Self analysis

Keeping a journal helps us achieve our goals faster, it’s easier to achieve our goals when they’re written down. It also helps us to access how well we’re walking toward our goals.

Create memories

Wouldn’t you love to know what you’d did on a particular day 10, 20 or 50 years from now. The older we get, it becomes more difficult to remember what we did years ago. I do think I’ll love to look back at those beautiful memories and be thankful about the kind of life I’ve lived.

I think the pros of keeping a journal outweighs the cons. If there are any awkward moments, it may be just once or twice or it may just never happen.

Now that you know the pros of keeping a journal, would you keep one? And if you’ve been keeping a journal, have you had any awkward journal moment?
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