Five years through a higher institution of learning I’ve learnt some lessons and I thought it would be nice to share. Keeping this in a journal would be of help when I’m ready to obtain higher degrees in my field of study.

Lesson 1: Don’t be so naive. Rather than implementing the OYO (on your own) rule, create a study group, share ideas and knowledge with others. You’d have learnt a lot this way.

Lesson 2 : Join a school christain fellowship. I just wanted to go to school, do my thing and leave quietly. Joining a Christian fellowship would not only have strengthened my relationship with God, it would have also helped sharpen my social skills.

Lesson 3: Read non-academic books. While school work may be so overwhelming, its also wise to read other books during leisure instead of dwelling on social media and soapies. A little bit of this and that is okay, always strike a balance.

Lesson 4: Whatever you do,  do it with all your heart. The major reason I found myself not doing so well was because I found myself doing something I had no passion for. If I had taken this lesson to heart earlier on, I would have achieved more excellent results.

Lesson 5: Start early and be consistent, be more organized. In everything and I mean in every single task.

What life’s lessons have you learnt from your stay in the university? Let’s chat in the comment section.


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