In Nigeria graduates are churned out regularly from the university with little hope to become gainfully employed. If you’re a Nigerian graduate, chances are you’re looking for activities you can engage in while you await your dream job.

Maybe you just graduated from the university, wrote your final exams, awaiting NYSC or just passed out from the compulsory one year service to our dear country (which I think shouldn’t be compulsory by the way) and you’re wondering what to do with your certificate. You may want a job in a corporate organization but when that’s not forth coming what do you do? You can choose to sit at home, watch TV, live on social media, eat momma and dada’s food but what if you have none of these as an option? You get busy! So you don’t become a lazy Nigerian youth.. haha!!

I’ve put together some activities young Nigerian graduates can engage in while awaiting their dream job. You might find one you like so keep reading.

Learn a skill

Develop yourself in your area of interest. If you love crafts then leather works and ankara crafts including shoes and bags could be for you. Bead making is another good option. Catering for the food lovers, photography, hair styling, tailoring, graphic design to mention just a few. With the surge in entrepreneurship in Nigeria, finding someone in your locality to teach you won’t be difficult.

Sell your skill

If you’ve learnt a skill, now is a good time to use it. You can make money off your skill. Create samples of your products and work on getting clients. If you’re good at what you do, your work would speak for you.

Start a small business if you have some savings.

You can offer laundry services, make and sell liquid soap and disinfectants or even start a thrift store. Thrift marketing is the new gold, I learnt you can make make lots of profits with this if you know your way.
You can collect and sell used items. This business is currently booming in Nigeria, most persons are selling off their old stuff because they no longer have need for them. You can decide to concentrate on used clothings (okrika). The profit margin is really high and you can get up to a 100% profit on your sales. People now create instagram accounts for their businesses and they call them online thrift stores. Whether you choose to go the online or offline route, you’ll make profit both ways.

Understudy someone (Intern)

This option might not make you quick money but it’s definitely worth it. Find an organization needing the services of an intern, you can choose to work for free if need be. You might ask me how working for free would make you money, don’t forget you’re a young graduate with little or no experience, working as an intern offers you the opportunity to learn more and gain the much needed experience you would need when you get your ‘dream job’.


Some persons know how to speak convincingly. With your “sweet mouth”, you can get people to buy stuff from you. You can market other people’s products and get a commission when you make sales.

Home lesson tutor

You don’t need to study education to know how to teach. If you love teaching, you can make some cool cash from this. Ask around for parents who would love to engage the services of a teacher, you can teach for about 2hours twice a week. This would also give you some free time to engage in other activities.You can also teach what you know. Knowledge is gold like they always say and people are willing to pay for whatever will improve their lives. You can choose to teach your skill, whether it’s something you know how to day or a hack you’ve discovered, find your audience and monetize your knowledge.

Freelance writing

If you love to write and you know how to create good content, you can get writing gigs where you get paid for writing articles for blogs, websites, magazines and newspapers. You can also sell your skill on online platforms like fiverr.


I saved this one for the last. Blogging requires a lot of consistency if you want to make some money off it. Basically you can blog about whatever you love and then find ways to monetize your blog and skills you’ll get along the way. Don’t ask me how much I’m making lol..

I hope you got some ideas, do you have other options not included here? Please let me know in the comment section.

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Vanessa ❤