Hello, I’m glad to have you on this little webspace of mine. You’re most welcome.
I’m Vanessa, a young adult from Rivers State, Nigeria. I’m currently on a journey to discovering myself, learning to navigate life as a young adult living in Nigeria while being intentional about my daily activities.
I love living a simple life, complicated doesn’t give inner peace which every sane human craves for. I love Jesus and my faith, my personal goal is to to build a strong relationship with Jesus and live a life worth emulating just like Him.
I scribble words whenever I have a pen and a paper, it’s my way of expressing myself, venting and taking my mind off life’s worries.
Nessytalks blog is my online lifestyle diary where I share bits of my life, my love for healthy natural hair, flawless skin, food and my faith.
My goal for this blog is create a community of like minded people who are willing to love and support each other. I truly hope I put a smile or two on your face sometime, and I also hope you find some kind of inspiration here.
Thank you for stopping by. I hope you come back soon.
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