Life has been so different since I had my baby. Different in a good way I must say. I’m so excited to share my pregnancy and birth story, now I can reminisce on what went down during the 9 month wait, well technically 10 months, all the changes my little body had to go through, the tears, the anxiety up until when I had my little one in my arms, I can look back at all these and smile, jump and sing for joy. It’s amazing!!

I already told you how I found out I was pregnant in this pregnancy fun tag.

First Trimester { Week 1 – 12 }

There’s something about a blood test confirming that you’re truly pregnant and expecting a child. I had one some weeks later. While we were both sure this was real, the blood test ruled out any doubts one might have.
Nothing spectacular happened in the first trimester however I knew I was in for a long ride when the “pregnancy sickness” took over. I was a shadow of my self. I always felt nauseous and my day usually starts by throwing it all up. Urrgh!! Sorry I can’t spare you the details *side eyes* Then there’s the no appetite thingy, I’d feel weak and feverish just name it all.
All of these symptoms however disappear the moment I take a bath and drag myself out of the house, I magically return to my bubbly self only for the cycle to continue the next morning.
I heard that folic acid is good for expectant moms especially at the initial stage of pregnancy. I got them from the drugstore but was never consistent with taking them. At this stage I craved only spicy foods, hot and spicy and I’d be just fine.
I didn’t register for ante-natal care at the hospital until early into month 4.

Second Trimester { Week 13 – 28 }

At the hospital, some routine tests and checks were carried out. The results all came out good, I was healthy, that was all I wanted to know. I was also asked to do a dating scan. I watched the whole process but I wasn’t sure of what I saw, I can recall seeing a little being moving from side to side and somersaulting in all directions (figment of my imagination?? I wouldn’t know).
The obstetrician commented on my tummy being so flat no one would even know I was pregnant. This was a win win for me. if you’ve been keeping up with me you’d know why.
The expected due date was pegged at mid February and hospital visits were once a month at this point. At every hospital visit, my vitals were taken, this includes my blood pressure, weight and temperature.The heartbeat of the baby was listened to and the size of the baby would be measured using a tape. Urine tests were also conducted.
The pregnancy morning sickness had stopped and I could do everything I used to do pre-pregnancy.
At 28 weeks I had gained only a kg, that was pretty awesome considering the fact that I was actually scared of putting on so much weight.
I started feeling the baby kicks which initially started out as flutters, imagine having butterflies in your stomach. It was so beautiful, sometimes I’d sit quietly just to feel those butterflies.
 Nessytalks, birth story

Third Trimester { Week 29 – 40 }

This was the longest part of my pregnancy, everything just seemed to be too slow, the days refused to go by quickly, it was tiring. At this stage the baby is fully developed and is just trying to gain some weight so he doesn’t look like an alien when born.
I could feel all of the baby’s kicks, movements and even hiccups, that feeling was so heavenly.
The hospital visits increased to once in two weeks. By week 36 it became every week until delivery. A growth scan was conducted at week 36 to ascertain the health and overall growth if the baby. As at my last hospital visit, I had gained a total of 6kg, good progress yeah!

Labour and delivery

I call this the crowning moment of pregnancy. I’ll spare you the gory details so you need not worry. Child birth is a messy business so if the sight of blood makes you fret, then it’s not for you *maybe*
Pregnancy comes with a lot of hopes and anxiety, I was anxious, really anxious about what labour would look and feel like. I told you about my fears here and I prayed to have a better experience. I was lucky to have the best set of care givers, they made the whole process seem easy and more bearable.
I wasn’t sure of what labour felt like, even after reading tons of articles and watching videos I still didn’t know when I started having labour pains. It was only after I told my mom how I was feeling and she told me I was already in labour that it dawned on me and I was like oh this is it! The initial contractions felt like that of menstrual cramps. The contractions and the pains that comes with it are progressive. 12 hours into labour it felt like menstrual cramps still. I could still walk around, cook, clean, pretty much everything I would do normally. At 24 hours I could barely stand, it was intense!! I couldn’t eat or drink anything, I was advised to do so before I get into the final stage of labour. The last 8 hours were the craziest. They came with the worst kind of physical pain I’ve ever had to deal with and to think I did this without any form of pain medication.. sighs. At this point I’ll ask you all to give your mothers a big and really tight hug, they deserve it.
My mom was my biggest support system throughout that moment of excruciating pain. She didn’t even allow me to relax when I told her I needed rest, she made sure I was alert, we were allowed to move around the hospital so we used that as a form of exercise. When I’d wince from the pain and complain about it being so unbearable trust Nigerian moms to be so dramatic. I would say something like “ahh mommy this pain is too much” instead of saying sorry she’d say “let it pain you oo, it means the contractions are getting stronger. Let it pain you very well so this baby will come out quick eh, don’t worry it’s remaining small”.
“Mommy say sorry” I’d say and her reply would be “this kind of pain doesn’t hear sorry oo, just get done with it already”. Nigerian moms are the best, no time to baby you at all.
She performed the job of the duola, gave me light massages when I needed it most at the same time praying and encouraging me, the nurses were present to tell me funny stories that made me laugh so hard I almost forgot I was in pain.
Okay, this post is getting too long already but the truth is words aren’t enough to describe all that happened during this period, the outburst of emotions, the hopes, the anxiety, the pain, the laughter, the fulfilment and joy of having your little one in your arms at the end of the long wait.

When I was fully dilated, I was instructed on what to do and was guided through that phase. After a couple of pushes, my baby was out. I heard her cry for the first time and when she was was placed on me for bonding, I looked into her eyes and fell in love again. I wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything else in the world.



  1. 15th May 2018 / 11:16 am

    awwwww… what a beautiful story. God bless your bundle of joy and the family as a whole. I can’t wait to have mine…lol

    • Vanessa
      15th May 2018 / 11:31 am

      Amen and thank you Afolake.

  2. Gift
    2nd June 2018 / 10:55 pm

    Wow awesome experience, never knew u have given birth. Congratulations to u, and my regards to your little princess and your Family.

    • Vanessa
      2nd June 2018 / 11:24 pm

      Thanks Gift. Thanks for stopping by, please visit next time

  3. 6th June 2018 / 9:13 am

    Such a beautiful post. Your baby is beautiful. God bless you and your baby

    • Vanessa
      6th June 2018 / 9:37 am

      Amen! Thank you Sike 💖

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