If you’ve been with me through the years, then you’ll understand that the NessyTalks Brand has evolved. I love to do a brand audit from time to time as this helps me stay on track and check how much progress I’m making.

I don’t want to be one of those people who keep running around in circles when it comes to their personal brand, I need everything to be clear, precise, easy to understand and straight to the point. I also used this technique when I created my vision board as I don’t do well in a chaotic environment.

On the 21st of May 2020, I decided that it was time for another brand audit. I didn’t want it to be just one of the others I’ve done in the past, I needed to get it right this time.

Blogging and content creation is no longer a hobby to me. I will be passing out from the compulsory national service in a few days with just a certificate to show for it after graduating with a second class upper degree in Biochemistry from the University and I don’t want to be one of the many ex-corpers who didn’t know what their next line of action would be or an envelope carrying job hunter! No way!

Blogging and content creation has turned into a full time business for me, it’s only wise I treat it as such.

I realize that I have something that if done right would bring in enough income to pay the bills even if it doesn’t fit into the society’s stand of a real job. That something is the NESSYTALKS BRAND.

I had to go back to the drawing board and to do this, I needed help!

What is A Brand Audit

Before I talk about how to do a brand, it’s important that we understand what a brand audit is.

A brand audit is an analysis that shows how your brand is performing when compared to stated goals. This is very important if you want to keep track of your progress and attain success.

How To Know You Need A Brand Audit

You know that you need a brand audit if you’re getting overwhelmed with your brand. It could mean that you’re doing too much or doing too little.

It could be that you find it difficult to articulate what exactly your brand is about or aren’t sure about how to position your brand for success.

I knew that the NessyTalks Brand needed an audit because I have been trying to branch out and I didn’t want it to come off as doing too much. I didn’t also want to confuse my audience. I had thought about creating a new brand from NessyTalks for this purpose but deep down, I knew that it won’t work!

As you may already know, NessyTalks has gone through different phases. We’ve gone from discussing motivation and faith to talking about just hair. I think this is the part a lot of you know. To sharing motherhood and life, to the current one which is digital product creation. It has been a journey!!

The truth is I didn’t want to be the girl that talks about just hair. I mean talking about just hair, oils, butters and co can be a tad bit boring and that’s not even all my purpose is about. I tried boxing myself into this niche because well that’s what the experts advise. That was good but it wasn’t for me. I discussed this one time on my instastories and Oma of skinmeetsfood pointed out that maybe I was putting myself in a box. Her words stuck! And yes she was right!

I wanted to be more! I want to show all sides of me while doing what gives me true satisfaction, teaching people and sharing my knowledge. I only recently discovered that I derived so much joy from sharing knowledge. And what’s better is earning a token that can pay the bills. That’s right!

So I just started teaching what I knew which was really what I wanted. It didn’t matter the niche I found myself, as long as I shared my knowledge, I was good! But for some reason, I felt I was doing too much. My audience was getting confused. Instagram – the social media platform where majority of my community is isn’t helping matters.

While I understand that it may take some time for my audience to understand this new NessyTalks, the algorithm which isn’t fair to small content creators wasn’t helping matters. Engagement kept dropping, those who need the content I put out do not even see them.

Getting even more confused, I decided that it was finally time to do a brand audit.

How To Do A Brand Audit

1. Do A Survey

The easiest way to do a brand audit is ask people what they think about your brand. I asked this question on my WhatsApp status and Instagram story. The responses weren’t far from what I perceived my brand to be. I got even better responses than I had imagined. This helped me figure out my strength and know what area I’d like to build on.

So the first tip here is to ask! Just ask. Do a survey, ask your audience, ask your friends. They can tell you what they know about your brand. This would help you take the right step to building a better brand.

2. Analyze your stats

What does the stats say? What contents resonate more with your audience? What kind of content do you enjoy creating? Does it align with what your audience love? Sincerely answering this questions will help you see the truth about your brand.

My posts on motherhood draws in a lot of the kind of emotion I want – love

My posts on digital products and content creation gets lesser engagement but higher conversion than my posts on natural hair.

My posts on natural hair seems to be the most relatable, that’s because I built my brand around that for a long time.

So while I create the content I want, I also create the content my audience loves- that’s the aim.

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After a very thoughtful clarity session with myself, here’s the new structure for the NessyTalks Brand;

I would like to refer to the NessyTalks community as the NessyTalks Family. It has always been this way lol.. you can check the subscription corner. That’s what the title says.

So since we are one big family, it’s only logical that we are family members right? I always ask you to be my friend but you know, friends like family. That’s the idea!

There are three levels to being a family member 

I’m excited for this one! You automatically become a family member when you follow me on my social media platforms. Instagram being our major platform for now. Follow me on Instagram @nessytalks pretty please.

And because Instagram algorithm doesn’t favour our family bond, I mean how can they cause us to lose our bond by restricting our accounts to reach very little people huh? I’ve come up with a solution!

So while we build on Instagram, we connect on WhatsApp. Yes, whatsapp  I know you weren’t expecting this but hey! Become a verified family member by sending a whatsapp message to 09092877410. Your message will include your Name, Location and why you love NessyTalks. Easy peasy!

Do that Asap! I’ll be waiting to connect with you on there!

The Whatsapp platform will henceforth be called “The Station”

So when next you hear me say the station, you know what I’m talking about. Hahaha!

The third level of our family membership is being a part of the NessyTalks mailing list. That’s where I get all personal with you! You get the perks of being a part of the NessyTalks family straight into your inbox. You know, all the insider gist, gifts and premium content!

You can sign up to the mailing list below. Simply enter your name and email address. It’s 100% free!

While I remain your favourite haircare blogger/influencer, I’ll also be your budding lifestyle coach. All of this, I’ll merge into the NessyTalks Brand.

This is a huge one for me and all I ask for in return is your love and support.

Thank you for sticking with me through the years, now, let’s make NessyTalks greater.

And of course you know what family members do, we share all posts. Please click any of the share buttons you see below. It’s free to share 

Cheers to success!


Vanessa ❤️