Some babies are blessed with a full head of hair from birth, oftentimes they loose all of that hair before they clock one mostly due to friction from pillows, clothes, seaters and carriers. It’s important to know how to care for your baby’s hair if you don’t want your baby to end up with chopped uneven hair.

It’s very much normal for kids to loose their hair, in fact all the hair your baby is born with would eventually break off, this is because of the hormonal changes which occur after your baby is born, it is also the same reason why you as a new mom may experience postpartum hair loss. Another reason is because the curl pattern of the hair they’re born would be different from the one that grows after they’re born. The curls of their new growth would be more tighter and the strands thicker so it’s expected that the lighter hair with loose curls would break off easily.

An example which best explains this is when one is transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. You’ll notice that the relaxed ends with a loose curl pattern would easily break off at the line of demarcation so extra care is needed to prevent breakage. Same thing applies to your baby’s hair, you need to handle it with extra care.

Useful tips on how to care for your baby’s hair.


Keep their regimen simple

Your baby’s scalp is still very tender and you really do not need all the fancy products in the market. Keep it simple, for babies little is more. After bathing them, use any carrier oil of your choice to seal in moisture. Apply it on the hair when it’s still damp and comb gently. Stick to this simple regimen until you feel it’s no longer enough. You should also reduce how often you use soaps on their hair.

Be gentle

Your babys scalp is still very tender and her hair fragile so when you care for your baby’s hair you have to handle it with care just the way you’ll handle yours. Use wide tooth combs and comb only when the hair is damp. Please don’t comb her hair when you’re angry or unhappy, of you aren’t in the mood please don’t touch her hair.

Avoid harsh chemicals

The last thing you want to put on your little one’s hair is cheap chemicals. Avoid products with mineral oils and petroleum jelly as they clog the pores and sit on the hair without really moisturising it. Always use natural oils and butters, your baby’s hair  will thank you for it.

Use satin head rest and pillow cases

Satin headrests helps to retain moisture in your baby’s hair and help prevent dryness and breakage. You can learn how to make satin headrest to prevent hair loss and baldness in babies by yourself. You save your baby’s hair and also save money.

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