An important step in every skincare routine is to exfoliate. Exfoliating the skin helps to get rid of dead skin cells and dirt which may not go off by just washing the skin. This coffee and sugar face and body polish is very easy to make and you’ll need just 3 ingredients and what’s more? It can be used on the face and on your body too.

Sugar scrubs are mechanical scrubs, (they work by lifting off dead skin cells when you gently rub them into the skin), the end result is a polished finish. Same way you file and buff your nails against slightly rough surfaces in this case a nail file to give off a clean and beautiful look, that’s the same way sugar scrubs/polish work.

I love the smell of coffee and I know you do too, so I thought instead of just drinking it, why not use it on your skin. It has great benefits too so why not take some minutes off to pamper your skin and enjoy this wholesome spa experience at the comfort of your home without spending a fortune.

It’s also a beautiful gift item to give to friends and family members, simply decorate it nicely and surprise them on their birthdays, anniversaries, christmas, and any other celebration. They’ll love it!

Oya calm down, I know you’re in a hurry to scan through this post, pick up the ingredients and procedure and go 😀 but first a quick look at the ingredients.

What you’ll need to make your own batch of coffee and sugar face and body polish

Coffee grits

Coffee is rich in antioxidants which helps to soothe inflammation. Finely ground coffee grits is a good exfoliant as it sloughs away dead skin cells, reduces toxins and smooths the appearance of cellulite. Coffee also increases blood circulation in the skin, it also reduces puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes when applied topically.


Coffee-and -sugar-face-and-body-polish

Sugar granules are quite mild and they help to lift off dead skin cells and dirts. Brown sugar granules are finer than white sugar granules but both are okay for this face and body polish.


Any oil of your choice. I used coconut oil and olive oil. This helps to sooth and moisturize your skin.


Combine your ingredients and mix thoroughly. Add your carrier oil until you feel it’s enough.
I used 1 tbs of coffee grits and about 3-4 tbs of white sugar. You can increase or reduce the quantity based on your preference.

Coffee-and -sugar-face-and-body-polish

How to use

Scoop a little quantity with your fingers and apply on your skin, rub it in gently in circular motions. Leave it for about 5 minutes then rinse off.
Coffee-and -sugar-face-and-body-polish

Hello fresh face 😁


This body polish can last for a very long time as long as water doesn’t get into it. I’ve had mine for about 3 months and it’s still perfect condition.
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