The African natural hair gets tangled up easily due to its kinky nature. The curls are tightly bound together hence they tend to curl up on themselves to create knots which if not carefully untangled could lead to hair breakage and damage.

Our hair gets tangled when it is not kept in a stretched out state, while rocking wash and go’s, while taking out protective styles, during washing and styling.

Detanging natural hair can be a bit of a hassle as a result of tangles and knots which can lead to breakage when not separated properly.

Before combing your natural hair ensure it’s properly conditioned, as a rule of thumb, do not comb dry natural hair.

There are different types of combs for detangling natural hair each serving a specific purpose. These includes;

Wide tooth combs

The first in this category are wide tooth seamless combs which are considered the best for detangling natural hair. They are able to glide through the hair without causing much breakage. Combing should however be done starting from the ends of the hair and gently moving up to the roots. And should be done after separating your hair strands with your fingers.

Detangling Brush

The detangling brush can then be used to smoothen the hair after detangling with a wide tooth comb that is if you want a sleek and thoroughly detangled look.

Rat tail comb

Rat tail combs are used to create neat parts while styling the hair, they should never be used to comb the hair.

Afro pick comb

Afro pick combs are used to create volume to our hairstyles especially puffs. Gently fluff the hair until you achieve your desired volume and shape.


One might ask why fingers?? Our fingers are able to feel the knots and remove them unlike combs which tear though the knots. Finger detangling is the best method of detangling natural hair especially if your hair is prone to breakage. Gently separate the hair strands in small sections and remove tangles while separating your hair strands.

How to care for your combs

Ensure your combs are washed regularly to get rid of dirt, dust and stray hairs which collect on the comb and also to avoid bacterial growth. Store your combs in a clean dry place.
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