Ladies get in here!! Menstrual cramps are every ladies nightmare or maybe not. I dare to say I never look forward to experiencing such excruciating pain every month, it hurts!!

Some ladies are lucky though, someone told me she has never had dysmenorrhea and to say I was happy for her was an understatement.

For the not so lucky fellow, just see it as a form of practice for whenever you’re to have a baby. Labour pains is just a glorified form of menstrual cramps.

I asked 10 ladies 3 questions

  1. How do you feel on the first day of your menstrual cycle?

  2. Do you experience menstrual cramps?

  3. How do you deal with it?

And here’s what they had to say..

R: I feel weak and a little bit sick but no cramps so I don’t need to take any pill.

R: It changes, I could feel lazy or have too much energy that I could do a whole lot in a day which is not typical of me on a normal day.
I don’t experience any cramps.

Q: I feel like its another time for inconvenience and pains and yes I experience menstrual cramps, before it comes I try to reduce my sugar intake. When it comes, I massage my stomach with hot water, drink hot water too, I don’t eat sugary things too during the period. When I was younger I took drugs especially if I know it’s going to be a day that I should be up and doing.

K: Sometimes I feel normal while other times l feel pain from the previous day cramps.
Of course l do experience menstrual cramps and when it happens I drink cold water and take some rest.

N: Well I won’t say I get happy during that time of the month because its stressful but you know when you start having sex, you always pray for it to come😉
B: Yes, if the pain is severe, I take drugs but if not, I endure.

M: Terrible!! Yes I do experience menstrual cramps. I take pills sometimes.

F: Just okay. The pains aren’t excruciating at all. It doesn’t give troubles so i just keep myself neat during the moment.

D: What?? Did someone just say excited??? No way!!!! Not even close… Its like a horror movie playing in the cinemas. My heart would skip, heart rate feels like its dropping and then all of a sudden I feel feverish. I feel its another ghost ride to pain land.

M: Yes! I experience very severe cramps and it’s worse on the first day but reduces after then. Lucky enough, I was exempted from the ‘vomiting’ parties😂
I dwell on some pain relievers like Felvin, I take the pills when I notice the slightest pain my period comes with. That helps alot!

Sometimes I don’t understand why women go through a lot of pain every month, can we just make as keep this pain go away? Or get a vacation every month?

Personally, I feel feverish and nauseous.
I skip school and cancel every public function as forcing myself to go out would be totally useless.
And please don’t tell me to walk around and exercise, Who’s got the energy for that anyway? I barely have enough energy to get up from my bed!

Here are some things I do to help me pull through that moment of pain. You can try them too and see if it works.

Have a warm bath

Menstrual cramps usually make me come down with a cold so I usually make the water a bit hot. I also place a warm towel on my abdomen and on my lower back too. It helps to soothe the pain.

Drink hot liquids

A cup of hot chocolate drink, tea or a plate of hot pepper soup (by now you already know I love pepper soup) would do the magic. I don’t know how this works but I know it helps.

Some pain relief wouldn’t hurt

If you don’t want to claim the super woman title, please take some pain relief. Some ladies swear by just taking paracetamol, ibuprofen is a good option too but don’t use it if you’re avoiding caffeine. It is also advisable to start medication 1 to 2 days before your period is due and 2 days into your period. Please don’t wait until the pain becomes unbearable before you start medication. This works, I can assure you.

Lie down and take a rest

It’s okay to lie down if you’re feeling a little bit weak, the last thing you need is any form of stress as it will only aggravate the pain. However ensure you stretch yourself out.
Menstrual cramps are caused when the walls of the uterus contracts to shed the endometrium so rolling yourself up might not be a good option. You can lie on your stomach or on your back while placing a warm water bottle on your stomach.

Distract yourself

You can watch your favourite TV show, a movie or play games on your device to distract yourself from the pain.


If you have the energy to exercise, you can do so too. 10-20 minutes of brisk walking, jogging or dancing or skipping would make you feel better.

How do you deal with menstrual cramps? Share with us in the comment section, let’s learn together.

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