There’s always this level of awareness that rains on young girls during adolescence especially when they see their periods for the first time. To some, it’s the realization that their bodies were almost fully mature and some kind of initiation into womanhood while for others it was a new phase of life they were least prepared for.

What’s the first period and what’s special about it anyway??

The first menstrual period a girl experiences is called menarche (pronounce as MEH-nar-kee). A girl sees her first period usually around two years after puberty begins.

I don’t know how I came up with the idea of discussing this topic but one thing was certain, I was curious about how other young ladies experienced this nature’s phenomenon. I wanted to hear them recount their experiences, the good, bad and ugly..

I totally enjoyed putting this series on girl talk together, from asking questions, mini interviews to compiling all the responses I got, I know you’ll enjoy reading and hopefully share your story sometime on this blog too.

Can you remember your first period?

I asked ladies one simple question, “Can you remember your first period? And here were some of their responses.

I Was in Jss 3. Mom really never talked about it although I had heard about it in school. It was one evening after dinner I felt wet and kept wondering if I sat on water only for me to check and there was blood everywhere.
I couldn’t go to my mum because I was scared.
I finally talked to my elder sister after two days and she helped. I remember bathing every hour just to see if it stops.
What I overheard my mom say after my sister had hers was, “if a man touched her she would get pregnant”. -Jane

I cannot remember that thing oo, walaii!
That information is not in my long term memory. I can’t even remember how that day was like or what I was doing, I mean nothing. – P

I do remember oooo, how can I forget?
I was already in senior class then and I’ve been seeing my big sis do her pad.
When I saw mine I quickly bought cos I’ve always been giving my sister the ones I used to receive in school.
Well, it wasn’t painful at all, I only felt pain the morning before the menstruation after using the toilet, it was as if my knee joints was going to break off, then the next day I saw blood. I told my sister and life went on….
The smell of that was awful 😂
I asked myself “Is this what I’ll be seeing all my life??” -Miracle

Yes I was in Jss 2, it was after night prep I went to ease myself in hostel and voila there it was. -T

The only thing I can remember about it was that I was playing and I saw a stain on my pant, so I removed the pant and started washing it. I don’t know what happened next but I can remember my mum talking to me and explaining some things. I didn’t feel any pain. –P

My first period was 12 years ago, I was in a church camp.
It was so painful my mum had to take me home. That was how I ended that sweet camp o. Till now I still have painful menstration. – Mercy

Really can’t remember though but I think I was 18yrs old wen I saw my first flow, I’m not too sure. -E

Frankly speaking, I can’t really remember when I started. The only thing I can tell is the age. I was fourteen when I had my first period.
It was horrible, it started with lots of pains (cramps) I had to bend while walking, because of the pains I felt at my abdomen.
During that period I was away from home. I couldn’t even fix the pad properly, I was guided by my aunt. – Miracle

I can’t really remember but I think it was my JSS3. I can remember it was my mom that woke me up in the morning to show me the blood on my clothes. She asked if I knew what it was and I said yes. She said okay that they taught me in school right? I said yes. -Ramat

I was thirteen and naive, felt abdominal pain and I thought it was stomach upset, then I saw blood later that day. My neighbor’s daughter who was my friend put me through, dad found out and was like thirteen! So quick? blah blah blah and stepmom explained that others were seeing theirs at 11&12. What do you mean abeg leave her. The man sef knew nothing, e think say i don dey f**k (I still haven’t forgiven him lol) My neighbor friend introduced me to using rag, I wish I can turn back the hands of time, it’s not hygienic at all and I had to use it again and again but I grew and got better. -N

I got into the boarding house when I was 8 years old, I was in Jss1 at that time. So I watched my seniors wear pads and have “period moments”, I was fascinated by the wearing of pads and being extra careful while they were on their periods. I looked forward to being “on” as girls called it back then but I didnt get to start menstruation early until the day we were about to go on midterm in Jss3. We usually take midterm breaks on wednesday. So on this special day, we were having a show on the assembly, it was a music related thing and I was up and jumping around when a girl tried to forcibly pull me to sit down and I became defensive and was like what?? Then she said “You are stained”. I looked like what?? Then I gently sat down and excitedly carried my bag, lowered the straps more so it could cover the stained part. I was leaping for joy inside of me because I thought I was late on the “menstrual fun”. Had I known better that there was no fun😂.It was midterm so I went home, fortunately my mum was home too which was quite surprising too because she was a banker but I guess there was a reason why she was home. Anyway, she saw the stain and asked me what was happening…I remember in my exact words, I replied with “dont worry mummy, I got this” jumping happily to the bathroom. She came and asked menstruation?? I said yes. Then she goes to gets Sanitary pad for me but I had collected from the hostel already. So I had my bath and wore it. So she goes like you can wear it?? I said Yes why not?? She was suprised and she wanted to start with the whole menstruation education thing but I kept interfering and cutting her short because let’s say I knew too much already (pros of hostel life). So she gave up and said if you have any questions, ask me 😂 I dont think I asked any questions till today. Thanks to google and big sisters. -Precious

Well, I personally can’t remember everything vividly but I recall my mom telling me to make sure I tell her immediately I see a blood stain on my underwear. And when it did happen, I told her and she helped put me through everything I needed to do. And no, it wasn’t painful, the cramps started much later.

Reading through all the stories, I gasped, I smiled and laughed at some point. Thank you to everyone who shared their stories. I love and appreciate you.

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