Been a minute I put up a post here. I can’t totally ignore this baby of mine so here I am dusting the cobwebs again.

February was such a slow month for me. So many ups and downs from my own end, sometimes I wished that it was a lot better as most days I always felt down. I think this stems from the fact that I’m in a phase where I’m asking myself the what next question and I do know that so many young adults (millennials) are in this phase as well so I just try to take it slow and go one step at a time.

One important lesson I learnt this month (the month of February) is that there is really no need to fret too much because everything will definitely fall in place and when I do find myself in moments like that, I understand that it’s a period of discovery so less pressure on trying to figure out everything.

 I finally made a decision to start a podcast and then just before I launch I fell ill but the good thing is that I finally started it. As I write this post my first episode has just been published! That’s exciting yeah!!

This is the beginning of something new, something exciting and I’m so glad that I decided not to hold myself back. I understand that it doesn’t have to be perfect so I’m doing it anyway and I hope to grow from here. I’m really excited about what this new endeavour of mine would bring my way.

Nessytalks experience, nessytalks podcast–INTRODUCTION-eb668l

I would love you to listen and give me your feedback. Do tell me what you think. If there’s a topic you’d like me to discuss, do let me know. 

If you’d like to be my guest, send me a mail  or a direct message on Instagram. Feel free to connect with me on social media if you are are not doing so I already. Thank you for all the support. I promise you that I will not let you down.

Till I spill again, 


Vanessa ❤️