Hiya!! It’s another Friday again. Oh well, it’s Saturday. This post was supposed to go live yesterday. How’s your week been? Very well I guess.

On this week’s series of Friday favourites, I’ll share links to some articles and blog posts I read during the week, I enjoyed reading them, I hope you would too. Feel free to check them out.

Men’s lifestyle blogger Vincent Desmond shares his most worn fashion pieces in 2017.

Dammy’s shares a post on 5 types of persons you’ll find in the church. Its not a recent post but everything on that list are just so true.

Pulse blogger Vanessa talks about self esteem.

Gentle George tells a story about godliness, lust and STD’s.☎/

Esther talks about how Jesus understands our humanity.

Gift tells us why we should use the African black soap.

So grab a cup of juice, relax and enjoy!


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