It’s no longer news that the harmattan is upon us. I think Portharcourt, the city in Nigeria where I live just got it’s dose of harmattan the week of Christmas.

Harmattan is a dry dusty season in Nigeria with super cold nights and hot days and you know what this means? Everything gets dry easily which may be a good thing because our laundry gets dry easily. If you ask me, that’s almost the only thing I like about the harmattan. Every other thing almost begins to suffer, you hair, skin and even homes.

To keep my hair and skin in optimum health, I made two basic lifestyle changes.

  1. Water
  2. More Water!!!
I’m gonna tell you how this works.

Point 1: Water

My first harmattan essential is more water to keep myself hydrated; from the inside to the outside. I’ve never had a problem drinking water but during this period I drink more!!

What this means is that I’m better hydrated, I don’t look stressed, my skin is glowing and I’m minding my business.. if you know what that means. For those who may not know, minding your business simply means increased bathroom visits.

Apart from drinking water and eating fruits with a lot of water content, I use water topically too. A spritz of water on my hair awakens my hair to keep it hydrated. Same with my face too. My oily skin gets a bit dry during this season so I do this a lot.

Point 2 : More water

What I really meant to say here was keeping that moisture locked in, topically of course. I use the Vevy shea souffle for this purpose and girl I’ve got no worries.

For my skin, I apply when my skin is still damp after bath so my skin stays moisturized for longer. And it works fine.

For my hair, I make sure to spray my hair with my hair spritz, and leave in conditioner after which I follow up with my Vevy shea souffle to keep the moisture locked in. If you need more help with your hair this harmattan, make sure your copy of harmattan and hair.

For my face, I spray some rose water after bath to balance my skin’s pH, then I follow up with my Shea souffle. See how easy life is with Shea body butter!!!

These little lifestyle changes are helping me through this weather condition. These tips are also helpful if you live in the diaspora where you have winter, I hear it’s really dry during the winter.

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Love and Sunshine always,
Vanessa ❤️