Oh May 2018!! You were such a good month, I wouldn’t say you gave me your hundred percent but I’m still thankful for all you brought my way.

It’s been a while I wrote a monthly round up post, please read that of January 2018.
In this post I just want to have a conversation with you, I want to say what’s been on my mind without bothering about all those blogging wahala like Seo, backlinking and this and that.


Well first of all I need a good job! Haha don’t tell me being a mom is a full time job because I don’t get paid to the things I do *sighs* but let’s get serious here, even though I feel I need a job, something to pay the little bills, I don’t want to think about allowing someone else to be her mommy or even a nanny for a few hours, yeah I’m jealous like that lol! I can’t even afford to miss her for one hour not to talk of 8 hours a day, 5 or 6 times a week and I’m not team take your baby to work. What if my work place doesn’t have a nursery? I know deep down I’m not ready for this.


I feel exhausted, not from too many physical activities but from trying to figure out my life. I’m drained!! This week I read on one of the blogs I follow that life is just like a jigsaw puzzle, with puzzle pieces here and there, you might never figure it all out at once but when the time comes, you’ll understand why you had to go through what you went through to get to the stage you are.



My baby girl was dedicated to God in church. I think this was the best thing that happened to me this month. She was so happy being the star of the day but she was oh so exhausted at the end of it all. At night, after her bath time she slept off, my baby slept through the night unlike her hyperactive self who’d play, coo and giggle most part of the night. It gladdened my heart to watch her sleep so peacefully.


Let’s talk about this blog. I have lots of stuff I write which don’t make it to this blog partly because I feel someone may not be interested in what I write. I can’t tell why I keep feeling this way but whenever I go back to my drawing board to figure out why I started blogging, I realize I started this for myself, this is a web log where I ought to log in my thoughts and actions as often as I wish to.
This month I planned putting out ten posts, I drafted some and others were actually complete and ready to go live but ask me why I ended up not posting them, I don’t know!


I didn’t read any new books. You’d always find me reading something on my phone, I was actually blog hoping. I visited about 10 to 20 blogs daily just to have a feel of what other persons were writing (talking) about, getting entertained and informed at the same time.


I’m particularly glad for this one. I worked on my goals and I think I did a good job on them. Well, at least I didn’t forget them totally like I usually do. *covers face*

I’m positive about the new month (June 2018) and I hope it would be kind to us all.
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