A healthy haircare routine is all you need to take your hair from zero to hundred, it’s everything you do to your hair consistently on a daily, weekly, monthly and even a quarterly basis.

Reasons why you should have a routine

  • To simplify the process

The whole idea of taking better care of your hair may seem overwhelming if you try to do everything at once. However, creating a routine that works for you according to your schedule would make the process so simple that even you would be surprised how easy it is to care for your hair. Building a healthy haircare care routine also ensures that at the you aren’t doing too much or too little to your hair.

  • To help you stay consistent

It’s easier to be consistent when a process is broken down into bits ,this applies to other spheres of life too, whether it’s skincare, academics or even your job! This way you know that you can spend just 30 minutes a day or a week doing something that will yield great benefits. What’s more? It won’t look like you’re doing too much or even spending much time on a single thing.

How to build a healthy haircare routine

To create your hair routine, you need to decide how often you’ll;

Wash your hair

Decide how often you would like to wash your hair, could be every week if you sweat a lot or every two weeks but not longer than 3 weeks. Most persons prefer to wash when their hair when it feels dirty. To know if your hair is dirty, use the tip of finger nail to scratch your scalp lightly, if you lift any product build up then you’re most likely due for a wash.

Deep condition

Moisture deep conditioning should be done once a week, biweekly or whenever you wash your hair.

Do a protein treatment

Protein deep conditioning should be done every four to eight weeks depending on your hair porosity.


You can choose to moisturize your hair daily or every other day depending on how well your hair is able to hold moisture. Understanding your hair porosity is important to keep your hair moisturized.

Protective style

Protective styling and low manipulative hair styles protects your hair from continuous friction and breakage. Some good protective style options are twists, cornrows, wigs and updos. Decide how long you’ll keep each protective style according to your schedule.

If you build a healthy haircare routine and stay very consistent with it, then you’re on way to achieving long healthy hair in no time.

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