Everyone should know how to make money online! I can bet that at one time or another, you’ve wondered how you could make money online, you may have searched on google, asked your friends or even heard your coaches talk about it.

I know because you wouldn’t want to read this post if you’re not interested in making some extra cash online.

Not to fret, in this blog post I’ll be showing you some easy peasy ways you can make money online in 2020. Most of which you can start without investing a huge sum of money.

Why You Should Consider Making Money Online

The year 2020 has made us realize that the saying “do not put your eggs in one basket” is as true as we could ever think.

Honestly, I feel that even if you have a regular 9-5, you should still explore other ways to make extra cash that won’t take much of your time. It is called passive income for a reason. The internet has offered you that opportunity so you might want to take advantage of it.

And if you do not have a regular 9-5, you’d have more time to devote to your online business. It’s a win both ways!


Start A Business

This is one of the easiest way to make money online. Simply exchange a product for money. You do not have to invest a lot of money in acquiring a physical storefront or advertising on bill boards.

You can start on a small scale online just like me. I recently launched my online store TheGirlfident and its really one of the best things I’ve done this year. All you need are great pictures of your products, great content and you’re good to go.

To start an online business, choose the platform that best suits what you’d like to sell, create content that your target audience will find valuable and sell to them.

If you struggle with identifying your target audience and creating content that demonstrates the effectiveness of your products, you should get my ebook on “How To Never Run Out Of Content Ideas” and because I’m nice, you can get it for a giveaway price of only N500 ($1).

When you get an order for a product, you can engage the services of a delivery company to deliver the item to your customer. The customer pays the delivery fee of course.

Teach Something

If you know something, teach something! Chances are; people are willing to get your knowledge for a token. So if know how to bake, teach someone how to bake, if you know how to teach, teach someone how to teach and make some cool cash from it.

There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to teaching. You can teach in an Ebook, a webinar on zoom, an online class via WhatsApp, telegram, Facebook group etc.

You just have to decide which option will work best for you.

Ebooks are the easiest if you ask me. You write once and sell over and over again! How amazing is that?!

If you’re really interested in writing and making money from ebooks, Then you should get my Ebook “Make Millions With Ebooks” I’ve simplified the process for you so you can just write and earn. Enjoy 40% discount when you buy via this link. So instead of 5,000, you pay only N3,000! I’m nice I know. Haha!

Become A Social Media Assistant

Becoming a social media assistant is another easy way to make some extra cash if you have the time.

All you need is a good knowledge of the platform you choose. You can choose one or more platforms.

I chose instagram because that’s the platform I’m most active on.

Social Media Management is currently blooming in Nigeria as a lot of businesses are launching online.

A lot of these business owners do not have time for social media so it’s only wise that they delegate. And you my dear, can help them and earn a good amount of money doing so.

The best part is that you can handle more than one page and earn from all of them.

The most important skill you need would be discipline if you ask me because social media can be really distracting.

Offer A Service

If you have a skill in high demand online, I can assure you that you can make some cool cash from it.

If you want to make money online with these skills, all you have to do is put up a portfolio of jobs you have done.

You can do all of these with just your smartphone!

Some skills in high demand online are Photo editing, video editing, content writing, caption writing, animation and graphic design.

I make money online through all the means I’ve mentioned above and you can too! Remember that you don’t have to do all of them, just pick one or two and run along but if you can, why not?!

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