Being happy at all times is a matter of choice and I’ve come to understand that depending on others to be happy would only cause disappointment. Some times we choose to remain sad because we’re too tired to put in the little effort to make ourselves happy, anyone who has gone through bouts of depression would understand it’s not quite easy to do so. On this note I’ve decided to share tips on how to make yourself happy even when it seems like its not possible.

Try to focus on the brighter side and count your blessings

Life would always throw lemons at us but rather than complaining and feeling bitter at all times you can choose to focus on the brighter side. Think about the happy moments, think about those things that really made you happy, think about your achievements, the milestones you’ve hit and all the beautiful things that has happened to you.

Talk to someone, let it all out

So you’re sad, you feel depressed and you’re angry with life, how about talking to someone you trust, let it all out, cry if need be, cry it all out. If you’re angry vent! You’d feel better that way.

Forgive yourself and also forgive others

Forgiveness is something I’ve come to learn the hard way. When we don’t forgive and decide to plan revenge we only hurt ourselves more. Our hearts become darkened, we become bitter and the sadness won’t fade away. The easy way is forgiving yourself first and forgive those who hurt you.
Positive mindset is key always.

Pamper yourself and satisfy your cravings

Pamper yourself, what’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do? Do it! Are you having any cravings? Satisfy it! Go out, look good.

Dress up and take pictures

Playing dress up and looking good has a way of boosting ones self confidence. Take pictures, you can choose to be goofy just have fun doing it .
How to make yourself happy
Look at your pictures, look at the mirror, smile at yourself, say something good to yourself, you deserve all the happiness in the world.
Lol this one may be quite funny, write a blog post if you’re a blogger, upload pictures on social media and get compliments.
Now ones happiness shouldn’t depend on what people say about you but we all love when someone says good things about or to us. Don’t we? But don’t be deceived either, no one can give you a complete guide on how to be happy. The choice is yours, just decide to be happy and you will.
I hope this helps someone. Stay happy, till I spill again.


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