Hey nessydarls, welcome back nessytalks blog *dusts imaginary cobwebs” haha

That intro actually sounds cliche, feels like I’m on youtube but no I’m not on youtube yet even though I have and still nursing the idea.

Feels weird how I left this space just after one month of getting my blog back for a mini break, truth is I was suffering from content over load, you know how you have amazing ideas in your head and a long to do list then you become so overwhelmed that you end up doing nothing? The longer I stayed away from putting my thoughts together the harder it was to draft or edit blog posts but because I know that the posts won’t write themselves, I had to push myself back here.

So what’s been going on with me? If you’re already my friend, then you know I’m pretty boring, boring in a good way, there’s usually nothing much going on around me..


I am currently somewhere in Portharcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria serving my dear country. It’s been a journey, one I don’t plan to ever travel even though I’m given millions of naira.


Exploits in business by Pastor David Ibiyomie. I just got the book today and I can’t wait to dive in, it’ll be a pretty short read.


My small business The Girlfident Store @girlfident.ng on instagram, an online store selling confidence and class to the modern woman without breaking the bank. Basically living a champagne life on a palmwine budget. All items in the store are sold below N5,000. That’s pretty affordable.


To God to give me rest on every side. My heart yearns for peace above all other material things that money can buy. Praying to God to prosper my business, the side and major one. I want to be financially stable in a short time and I’m looking forward to smashing that goal with God on my side ofcourse.


Cold chocolate drink almost everyday, might not be the best for my health but Jesus got me. Lol


My beautiful natural hair in all its glory. She bahaves herself even when I’m not so nice to her and allows me to rock her in massive low buns, what else can I ask for? Lol


Healthy relationships without expecting too much from anyone. I’m learning to accept people as they are. I’m also learning to build a larger network with people that actually matter.
Most importantly I’m building a special kind of relationship with Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, He is the whole essence of my living.


That I don’t fall into depression on my low days like I used to. I’m learning to take control of my emotions and I’m thankful for being able to satisfy my little cravings, thankful for progress and for growth. I’m thankful for this blog and for you too my dear reader.

I’m hoping to create more content this month October, fingers crossed. October popularly known as blogtober is a month where bloggers generally push themselves to publish more content. During last year’s blogtober, I was really active and my blog’s views skyrocketed, I had the most views on the blog last year October. Although I’m not sure of putting out content every day or every other day but I can assure you that this space won’t be invaded by cobwebs as I’m pretty busy setting up Girlfident.

Until next time, lots of love and sunshine ☀

Vanessa ❤