Growing my natural has been one of the highlights of my personal care.

The journey to growing my hair from limp thinning relaxed hair to healthy natural hair has been an amazing journey and I’m glad that I took the leap to actually grow my hair healthy and long. 
I have learnt a lot of things on this journey and in this post I’ll be sharing a few of them. I hope you learn a thing or two.


One important quality that I have had to learn is the quality of patience. I have learnt to be patient with my hair, I do not touch my hair when I am not in the mood. I have learnt that my hair grows from one stage to another at a time so I have to be patient with it while it’s grows through these phases.

Detangling your natural hair is something that will test your patience, sometimes you just end up with a whole head of tangled fro and you need a very high level of patience to thoroughly detangle and remove all the knots.

In real life, my hair journey has taught me to be patient with myself and with others. 



My natural hair journey has taught me the value of simplicity. I have learnt that I do not need a lot of complication in my life. The simple hairstyles actually do a lot of magic and they always end up looking like they’re complicated, sometimes you’d think that it took a lot of work and maneuver to get my hair looking so fab! but the truth is that the simple hairstyles come out the best. This also applies to using products. I just stick to the basics and a simple routine which yields better results.

Juxtaposing this with real life, I have learnt to make my life as simple as possible. I appreciate everyone  who makes doing life with them very easy and I also appreciate myself too for simplifying my life.


Less is more

Have you ever heard that less is more? Well, when it comes to natural hair care and my journey through growing long hair, less is actually more. Through my hair journey, I discovered that a little goes a long way and that I just need a little product on my hair, a little bit of this and that to actually see results.


Growing my natural hair has taught me that I have to be contented. When I had a teeny weeny afro (I transitioned by the way, so I didn’t really go through this phase, I had a fro that I couldn’t hold into a bun) so I’ll just say when my hair was a lot shorter I always wanted a longer hair, one that would fit into a bun easily. Well, now that my hair is long I wish to have shorter hair on some days  because it was a lot easier to handle but now I’ll have to be more patient. Longer hair means more tangles and more patience while detangling as well as more care and all of those healthy hair shenanigans.

The life lessons here is that you may not really need what you crave.


Everyone’s journey is different.

A lot of people achieved waist length hair in 3 years while some persons achieved that in 4 to 5 years.

However, I’ve come to understand that what is important is having healthy hair. Your hair texture and that of the girl next door may not be the same. Some persons have really thick hair they can easily comb into a fro, some persons have hair that defies gravity while others like myself have fine hair which falls. We don’t have to go through the same path but our destination might be the same or maybe not. 

The life lesson here is that we should all concentrate on our own journey one step after another.

I trust you learnt a something  from this. What lessons has growing your hair taught you? Share with me in the comments.

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Vanessa ❤️

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