If you’ve never incorporated aloevera gel into your hair or skin care regimen then you’re missing out on the wonders of this miracle plant.

I posted a picture of the aloevera plant on my insta story a while back and asked for suggestions on what to do with it.
I got some good suggestions on different ways to use aloevera gel. I finally did try some of the suggestions and I’m here to let you all know how I used it.

Benefits of aloevera gel for natural hair

Alovera gel helps to improve hair elasticity and reduce breakage. It provides enough slip for detangling the hair. It also reduces shedding and improves lustre.

First Let’s Extract The Aloevera Gel From The Aloevera Leaf

To do this;

  • Cut of some alovera leaves horizontally close to the base of the plant.
  • Keep it in an upright position for about 10 minutes to allow the yellow liquid seep out. 
  • Wash thoroughly to get rid of dirts.
  • Peel off the indented part of the leaf to expose the gel. 
  • Scrape of the gel using a spoon into a clean bowl.

If you want the juice instead, transfer into a blender and blend for a few minutes. Seive the mixture.
We now have our filtrate (the juice) and the filtride or residue. I hope you’ve not forgotten your simple basic science? haha!

Moving on,  I used the juice as:

A scalp / deep conditioning treatment

I added some shea butter, olive, and coconut oil to my aloe juice. I applied it on my hair from roots to tip. I massaged my scalp in circular motion to increase blood flow and covered my hair with a plastic cap. I washed it off after 30 minutes. My scalp was squeaky clean and my hair was so moisturised and soft. I loved the results. 


A leave-in conditioner

I added some glycerin and coconut oil to the aloe juice. I sprayed it on my hair before detangling and styling. It’s super moisturising!

A face toner 

I transferred some aloevera juice into a small spray bottle and used it on my face and neck twice a day. 


As a face scrub

I used the small particles (residue) as a face scrub to exfoliate my facial skin. I applied it on my skin and rubbed it in circular motion. I washed it off after about 10 minutes.

As a hand sanitizer

I’m sure you never thought about this. Aloe vera gel have a soothing effect that wards off the harsh effects of alcohol on your skin, still confused? You should read this post on how to make hand sanitizer at home.

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