Being happy at all times is a matter of choice and I’ve come to understand that depending on others to be happy would only yield disappointment.

I understand that this might not be as easy as it sounds especially if you’ve lived the lie that your happiness depends on others. Yes, we need people in our lives to love and support us but what if you aren’t able to get that?? The answer is simple, do it for yourself! In fact I suggest that you learn how to make yourself happy first before you seek to get that from someone else.

Some times we choose to remain sad because we’re too tired to put in the little effort to make ourselves happy. The acts of kindness you show yourself are enough to get those happy hormones swing into action!

I’d show you some fun ways to make yourself happy even when it’s not possible. Do try one or two.

How To Make Yourself Happy Everyday!

Try to focus on the brighter side and count your blessings

Life would always throw lemons at you but rather than complaining and feeling bitter at all times you can choose to focus on the brighter side. Think about the happy moments, think about those things that really made you happy, think about your achievements, the milestones you’ve hit and all the beautiful things that have happened to you. Count your blessings and have faith that the present and future hold better things.

Talk to someone, let it all out

So you’re sad, you feel depressed, you’re angry with life, how about talking to someone you trust, let it all out, cry if need be, cry it all out. If you’re angry vent! You’d feel better that way. If you’re a Christian, talk to your father, I promise you He listens. Engage your heart in heart felt worship and praise and watch the weight being lifted from you.

Pamper yourself and satisfy your cravings

Pamper yourself, what’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do? Do it! Are you having any cravings? Satisfy it! Take yourself out on a date. Book a spa date for yourself if you can afford it and if you can’t, have fun with diy’s at home. A little self care doesn’t hurt.

Dress up and take pictures

Playing dress up and looking good has a way of boosting ones self confidence.

You can even have a mini photo session if you wish to.

Look at your pictures, look at the mirror, smile at yourself, say something good to yourself, you deserve all the happiness in the world. Yes you do!

Appreciate yourself, give yourself gifts. It’s easier to get happiness from others when you’ve learnt to make yourself. Remember it’s you before others.

Laugh at your self

Sounds pretty awkward right? Haven’t you heard that laughter is the best medicine? I do this a lot and I can tell you that it works. I guess it’s because I have a lot of mind conversations with myself. Next time you feel your happiness depends on someone else, laugh at your silliness!

Your happiness shouldn’t depend on what people say or do to you. Even though we all love when someone says good things about or to us. Don’t we? Don’t be deceived either, no one can give you a complete guide on how to be happy. The choice is yours, just decide to be happy and you will.

I hope this helps someone.

Stay happy,

Till I spill again.

Vanessa ❤️