The woman, originally known as “a man with a womb” is truly one of the wonders of creation. She was created differently from all species of life and she was endowed with the strength that is incomparable to none.

There is this story of a woman popularly known as mama Amaka. Mama Amaka is a mother of five children, two boys and three beautiful daughters, she is not just the bread winner of the family but also seen as the pillar of the family for all that was made was because of her daily struggles to make sure there was food on the table and bills were paid.
She wakes up every morning as early as 4am to prepare the children for school and also prepare for her own business of day, she toils day and night just to make her children lack nothing. She is the first to wake and the last to sleep…… Why? Because she is a woman, naturally built to care.
A woman is known to care extremely because that was how she was created by God. Most nights mama Amaka cries herself to bed, as they say life is a madness, she gets discouraged and depressed but she believes that tomorrow would be better.
Without doubt, women are special creatures, no wonder a popular female singer Beyonce said in her song that “women run the world” and if thoughts are being channelled to that ideology then we are rest assured that facts will be made towards how women run this world.
But you will agree with me that it is extremely difficult to be a woman in the twenty first century. Women around the world are facing the dilemma of identity. Many women are struggling to discover who they are and where they stand today – in the family, the community and the world.
The woman is undoubtedly the strongest being alive on earth and programs should be put in place to educate the girl child about the strength she owns. You and I have an assignment to make the world a better place and in achieving this we should all support the girl child law, and other laws that allow the woman to fit in into this world and be the leader she was created to be.
Happy mother’s day to all the mothers in the world keeping it real, caring, loving and protecting their own, you are truly loved. God bless you.

This piece was written by my friend Daveteddy Ochomma. I call him the girl child advocate. He loves to write short stories relating to the girl child.


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