Nessytalks blog is back!! OMG I’m so excited! *insert dancing emoji* even though I don’t know how to move my body in real life, it always feels weird trying to move my body to a rhythm but that’s a story for another day.

It’s been months!! At some point I wanted to let go of the whole idea of blogging again but you know what? When you truly love something the love never dies, I knew I was going to come back to this space documenting life and sharing beautiful things with you all. I missed this space, I missed you all, okay, I hear you say “you owe us an apology Nessy” lol here’s my apology; “I’m sorry for leaving this space without giving you a heads up” forgiven? Yay!! Now that nessytalks is back, here’s what’s to expect;

Our usual healthy haircare talk ranging from hairducative talks, do it yourselves, product reviews, styling and every other thing prevalent in the healthy haircare community. The goal is to make this blog your number one healthy haircare directory.

Then there’ll be a skincare and beauty category, I’m challenging myself to wear a bit of makeup, so we might end up talking about a favourite lipstick or eyeshadow palette however we’ll have more of skincare talk in this category where we’ll discuss products, routines and all that has to do with healthy and affordable skincare.

There will also be the girl talk category where we’ll discuss everything that borders around the young female adult from love, health, hygiene to even finances. I’d appreciate contributions from you all, if you have any ideas regarding this, or you have a topic you’d like us to discuss please let me know in the comments. Contributors are also welcome as I’d love to feature other writers too and if you have something you’d like to share, could be a story, in fact anything related to females whether anonymously or not, you can send me an email or send me a direct message on instagram.
I’ll still share my life lately and life related topics. You can nickname this blog the assorted blog because, well if you ask me, we all love assorted especially in Nigeria haha!

And I promise to keep all blog posts short and sweet, I hate reading long stuff myself so instead of giving you a three course meal in a single post, I’ll serve it separately; an appetizer, main meal and a dessert. Talking about dessert, what’s your favourite dessert? I think we’re gonna be talking about food too *wide grin* well you just have to stay tuned to this blog as I dish out all I have in store for you. And to stay connected, please subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss a thing.

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