At this point you’d agree with me that the perfect valentine gifts aren’t just about the money spent on the gifts but the thoughtfulness behind them. You asked for more perfect gift ideas for the valentine and here they are your royal majesty!





1. Valentine gift packages

These days my Whatsapp status feed has all the vendors on my list shoving their valentine packages right in my face and screaming order! Order!

This is a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Check your social media platforms or even shops near you, you have valentine packages screaming your name.

There are different packages with different items in them. You have one with cakes, drinks and a written love note.

You have one with wigs, shoes, bags and chocolates. I even came across one with a phone. Wawu.
A picture frame works too. A food tray also.
Either have it delivered to them with or without their knowledge. Pull up a surprise visit at their door with these packages.

These are beautiful things that could get your partner or your friends that you wish to celebrate Val with, awww-ing.


2. You mean something to me kinda gift

My sister and about two of my friends comes first on this list. I always want to see them happy. I want to see them smile. They’ve been there for me in more ways than I can count. So, this valentine I thought I could get each of them something they would really love.

Just check out that close person, that friend, that brother, that neighbor who’s been down for you and gift them. Because it’s a season of love, allow them soak up the fact that you love them.  Show them a proof by getting a gift they would love. There’s that thing they have always talked about, that dress, that shoe, that note pad (for someone like me), that sunglass, that movie ticket, that meal, that shirt, that text book, that wig, that bracelet, that charger, that phone, that phone pouch, that earphone, that bluetooth speaker, that power bank, that neck piece, that perfume, get it for them. Be thoughtful.

3. A service gift

Do something out of the ordinary. Offer to drop someone off if you have a car. A colleague. A friend. A neighbor. Offer to teach your partner how to do something you have never had time for.

If you are a service rendering business, offer to do some things for your client that you love free of charge. Share freebies.
You know that massage your partner has been asking for, do it. Massage him/her.

Voice and video call with the fam, long time friend or an acquaintance you really like.

Our loved ones could really be in very far locations and most of these gift ideas may not come handy to celebrate the valentine season with them, so I came up with this.

How I do this is; I go through my contact list and pick out five numbers to call.
Scroll through your CL, you will see at least five numbers of people you either talk to on a daily but are not close. It could be your partner in the abroad, your friend in another country, your sister who is far away schooling, your mum in the village, your grandma.

The plan is to make up for not being present, since you can’t go through pulling up surprises like everyone would, there’s something you can at least do and with some spontaneity.

If they are used to voice calls, find a way to do a video call with them. Watch them smile, watch them laugh, that could count for something.


4. Boxers, pants and singlets

You thought I would let this old time buddy go yeah? Hell no!

Ladies, boxers and singlets still reigns. I know men who secretly wish their woman would get them boxers and singlets as gift so they don’t have to spend money changing their oldies. E shock you?

Come’on. Don’t we all want gifts that matter?

Please shock your boyfren and show his boxers and singlets the love they deserve.

And no, I do not mean the wear and tear types. Get him a classy branded boxer and singlet and watch his underwear bag sing hallelujah. Same works with pants.




5. The famous paranranran gift (trumpet entrance)

This is mostly used for lovers who want to propose to their partners but I have seen a couple of birthdays having this feature and I think valentine should too.

Apart from the jabs on the internet about this, I think it’s really romantic. Well, the noise and senrenren makes for most of the aww moment. Have the trumpeters play while you pay a surprise visit to a loved one or your boo.

If you are married, have the home decorated and gifts put in order in such a mushy way and have the trumpeters on stand by, let it be around the time your partner would be back from their activities. Schedule when they will walk in, have them come in and meet paranranran. Haha! 😂


6. Send money

If surprise gifts were the most aww-ish gifts, money gifts comes with a helluva awwwwn moment. Money gifts also fit in the surprise gift box.

Money would always do the trick.

Credit alerts, money in envelopes or cash in hand are now becoming obsolete as new forms of sending money gifts keeps springing up.

I am sure you have seen all kinds of money gifts on the internet. The one made with cakes, the one arranged neatly In a love box, the ones made into a flower. Lol. Each comes with their different denominations depending on how much one is willing to give out. If you ask me, this could also count for a perfect valentine gift.

Aa always, do let me know which Perfect Valentine Gift Idea works best for you.

Do share this post with your friends. They’ll find it helpful.

Happy Valentines!