The Valentine season comes with an atmosphere of love, excitement and romance. Everyone looks forward to a perfect valentine date with lots of gifts from their loved ones.

The aura of wanting to show or prove that you love someone and want to make that person happy always tops the list.

Your show of proof could include being present for them or just gifting them because in as much as I understand Love languages, I know Nobody rejects a gift. Haha!

Surprise gifts are the most awwn-ish and romantic gifts one could give. Not a lot of people love surprises but most do. I do. Being surprised could make your endorphins come alive, because it comes with an excitement your brain was not expecting. And this valentine, it would mean a whole lot if you could cause endorphins releases when you pull up some surprise gifts for your loved ones. Oops, your LOVER.

This valentine, you could make it a duty to put a smile on someone’s face even though they may not be your boyfriends or girlfriends, this is why I would make a list of very cool, both conventional and unconventional ideas, free, affordable, expensive romantic gifts you could give.

All I am saying in essence is that you do not necessarily have to go overboard if you do not want to.

Yeah yeah, I know it’s for lovers and y’all are looking at me right now wondering if it’s some Christmas day 😂

You are not half as ready for it. I have got juicy pecks for everyone.

I just really think it’s beautiful to watch that friend of yours who is single and not searching have a smile on her face courtesy of you, and your only brother lit up his chin because you got a Val gift for him.

Personally, I intend to get just as much gifts as I can afford for my only sister, my two besties and a few others as I am single to intoxication.

You need to understand that with surprise gifts comes spontaneity. You have got to be calculative yet avoid being calculated. You have got to roll up your sleeves and be ready to commit to the sacrifices it entails… the sweat, the andrenaline rush from running helter skelter while trying to put things in order and making sure your giftee is unaware so that you could successfully pull off your aww moment. (Insert mushy emoji)

Now, to the moment! you have been waiting for!


Valentine Gift Ideas For Lovers

Let’s get to the point already. Drum rolls!!!

Dinner Date

Hey lovers, sugar plums, baby boos, baes, booboos, get in here please.

A romantic dinner for the one you love and cherish is one of the most simple, affordable yet classy gifts you can give. A lot of you seem to see it as really expensive, like any kind of dinner mention at all, in your head…it’s cancelled because what?! You have filled your mind with the most outrageous prices and extras that may or may not be important sef. For me, a dinner date is largely you paying attention to details. The very basic things, please pay attention to them. After this, the rest is senrenren. Some of these details are the approach, the restaurant, and the to-do for the night. If there’s anything you should consider to keep away, its being a boring ass.


The approach

The first step to a successful dinner, is a beautiful manner of approach. It’s pertinent to have it sealed in your mind that you want to ask someone out to dinner and plan towards how she/he would elicit reactions as regards your proposal, hence making sure you put considerable effort into the process of actually asking the person out. There are a few do’s and dont’s.


-Do not just text/call a person to come to dinner on the dinner day.

-Do not ask a person out and expect them to call to find out if your proposal is still on.

-Do not use words suggesting you are doing them a favour by asking them out, please be courteous.

-Do not make jokes about your proposal. Be clear and direct as it helps cushion any form of assumptions.

-Do not forget to send in a gift alongside your proposal. Ordering and Offering to pay for taxi or picking them up yourself if you own a car always works.



-Always text or call before the day.

-Call or text to check up on the d-day. This shows that inasmuch as you asked them out, their presence means much to you and you wouldn’t enjoy their absence.

– Always use the three magic words; please, sorry and thank you. It conveys a rather calming effect to your proposal text/call.

-Be clear. If you want a sex after dinner date, make it clear unless as lovers, it’s a given for y’all.

-Give a heads up if there’s a cancellation. It’s wrong to have someone all glammed up and all of sudden there’s no date. Don’t do this. I could sleep with my make up on.

For persons who love spontaneity like me, I would share one beautiful trick. No, it’s not for the movies alone. Always send a proposal with a gift. This works for me. Works for some persons I know too. Like I said earlier, nobody rejects a gift let alone, one that comes from their lovers.

You could buy what dress you want to them to be in or a top you really like. I don’t do conventional so yeah, a top. It must not be suit. Let’s drop that for the older generations shall we? 4000 Nigerian naira should get you a top for your baby boy and 6000 a short gown for your boobae.

It could be a wrist watch so they check the time and not show up late. Lol.

It could be some pair of shoes. It could be offering to pay for their weave Or haircut. It could be ordering taxis for him or her to the venue.

This always works. There’s this chill of “I’m wanted” it sends that makes your lover satisfied even before the dinner date.


The restaurant

Your choice of restaurant could be a simple yet classy one. You don’t have to do the sophisticated, expensive and popular places we know. You could do affordable but please avoid anything cheap. Not a good experience abeg. Go for the affordable. Consider first, location. Is it located in a suitable environment? Not ghetto. How’s the road network? Can your date find his or her to and fro back to their home? Or do they have to hop on a bike at some point? Is the interiors classy? Is it clean? Do they have nice chairs ? Not bed bug infested chairs? How’s their service like? What do they offer? Please check out what kinda foods they sell or have on their menu list. You don’t want to have your date rejecting the foods on the menu especially when they are a few or having to force themselves to eat a particular food. Remember, the goal is to make him/her happy.

The trick is to always visit a restaurant before inviting one over. Be sure of what they do there. Is it really a restaurant, a bar or a restaurant Et bar? Don’t invite someone to an abomination please. That’s distasteful and uncultured. There are very good restaurants that would fit in the pecks you are looking for around your location or near location if you do your research. When I served in Jigawa, we had no classy restaurant so my go to was the shop rite in the nearby location, Kano. So you could do this too.

I used to know a buffet in Lagos, you just go, pay your service charge, serve yourself, take your meal to the table and have the time of your life. This could work for a dinner date too.

Here, you simply pay service charge for two. Serve your meal and that of your date, take it to the table and have the time of your lives.

In whatever you do, please choose a classy restaurant with a formal feel. Not an iya basira kind. Thank you.


The to-do list

Boredom is one thing I do not appreciate. Be quiet, be reserved, be gentle, be soft but pleaaaaasssee, don’t be a boring ass.

If you want to make your date memorable, please cancel boredom. Make sure you are doing or saying something at every point in time, while ensuring your date is comfortable with whatever you are doing.


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Your start up conversations could be about how beautiful or handsome he/she is, how their tie is well tied, the shoe lace is arranged, how her hair is sleek and her make up, glamorous. Compliments work all the time. Compliment him/her. Tell them they did beautiful on their make over. They look breathtaking.

While eating, offer to help them out with something. Could be to open their water. To pour their juice/drink. Could be to clean their lips after eating. Guys!!!! Be romantic. Take that napkin and clean her lips forgosakes! Help her out with the chicken or turkey if she’s struggling. Do this intentionally. Do not make it seem like you are mocking her. One thing about romance is, the vulnerability that accompanies it. It’s glaring. Very obvious. When the heat of romance sets in, your date is in her/his most vulnerable yet sensitive state. He/she would sense everything. Please be courteous.


Say something 

Talk about how you got there, I mean the restaurant. Give a tale about the Uber guy. Talk about the rating you gave him. Talk about how comfy his car was. Talk about how you appreciate the gift that was sent earlier. Talk about how you would rock it or how you ate it or even shared it. There’s always a thing to say.

Tell your date who is also your lover, that you love him/her. Say it again. Reassure him/her. Whisper it in their ears. Make her/him read your lips saying you love them over and over. Say I love you. Say it in another manner. Kiss her hands. Kiss her cheeks. Touch her thighs. Be warm. Be spontaneous

Oh, and if it’s sex after dinner kinda date, be spontaneous still. Be sure you have your location planned out. A hotel? The house? Put this in order. Don’t have your house looking like you had a dog visit you. Arrange your bed. Keep your sheets clean. Personally, I get irritated by dirty pillow covers, cushion covers and bedsheets. My skin is super sensitive and reacts almost immediately I encounter them. So be careful not to expose your date to dirt. That’s a no sex signal. You want to be sure your date is still in tune with the atmosphere you created at the restaurant. You want to be sure she/he’s still mushy which invariably makes foreplay easy.

Have a taxi take you both home or to the hotel, if you do not have a personal car.


Arrange for intimacy

Sex with the speakers on makes for a perfect date to me. Please play soft songs. This helps to get your partner really relaxed and makes them flow too. (In another post, I would talk about this and give you my top ten go to playlist)
You don’t have a stereo, please get a bluetooth speaker and plug in. Play some romantic songs with very soft backgrounds. Kiss her passionately. If you do not already know how to do this, check out my next blog post. Peck her. Go over her neck. Lick her lips. All the while, grabbing her/his ass. Be extremely passionate. Be there. Have her/him think you are not anywhere else but there. Be in tune with your body. In everything you do, DO NOT RUSH. This is no ordinary sex time. Thrust passionately. Suck if you are a fan of oral sex. Introduce the cooling effect, grab some ice from your refrigerator, Do your blowjob. Gently Suck her clitoris if she wants. Ask her/him what they would like. Be willing to listen. Explore with each other. Do not forget your condoms. Safe sex remember?


Movie date

For me, valentine is so much about being together than not being available and sending gifts over. So a movie date with your lover on this day is not too much to ask for.

You could watch your movies in a cinema or in your home. Whichever.

Just pick a romantic movie of your choice, and watch together. Prepare for the pecks. Get your popcorn. Or chocolates or even wine ready. Just don’t be boring.

If you choose your home, make it have the cinema feel. Don’t leave your bright lights on. Get a comfy chair. I’m not a fan of lying on the bed to do movies so I may not understand persons who do. If that works for you, fine.

Choose a movie that will take a longer time to finish. You could do series. Choose a movie that speaks to the atmosphere. One that portrays the reason for the season *winks*


OMG! This post is getting too long already. Watch out for a continuation to get more perfect valentine gift and date ideas.

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