In this era where people are delving more into organic and natural based beauty alternatives which claim to be preservative free, it’s important to know how to prevent your beauty products from going rancid within a short time.

It’s also good to know that not all preservatives are bad and that’s because not all chemicals are bad.

Most products made with little or no preservatives go bad within a very short time if they’re handled the wrong way.

I read somewhere from a product formulator that if your beauty products don’t contain preservatives then you should run! especially when they’re water based and that’s because there’s nothing to keep the product from growing bacteria when it comes in contact with external elements like air, water, and even sunlight.

Oil based products also go rancid when exposed to these external elements too. I know you don’t want some bacteria on your hair or skin so keep reading if you want to know how to keep your beauty products safe.


1. Store in a cool dry place

I’m sure you see this all the time on both drugs, foods, haircare and even skin care products. Keeping your products in a wet or hot environment increases the chances of the products going bad. Always keep your products away from direct sunlight.

2. Don’t store your products in the bathroom

This tip applies to mostly oil based products. Storing your products in the bathroom exposes it to moisture which in turn makes your product a breeding place for bacteria.

3. Minimize how often you dip your hands into your beauty products

To prevent your beauty products from going rancid, avoid dipping your wet hands into your products as doing so will introduce moisture and bacteria into your products. Only dip clean dry hands into your products, if the product is more water based like lotion, you can opt for a pump bottle instead.

4. Keep the cap tightly closed always

Keeping your products open will expose your products to air, dust and moisture, I’m sure you don’t want to put some contaminated stuff on your beautiful skin.


Physical signs that your products are going or have gone rancid are abnormal changes in colour and smell. Products that have gone rancid usually develops a bad smell, feels curdled with visible brown specs which are probably bacteria growth on your beauty product eww! When it gets to this point, you know it’s time to throw them out.

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