A huge part of my personal development goal is to read more books in a short time.

Reading self help books can be boring!! Sometimes I wonder how the authors manage to write such humongous books. Apparently it made a lot of sense to them. I’ve been a victim of not finishing what I start when it comes to self help or motivational books. This is my major for not reading a lot of books, call it book harlotry, whatever lol! But I finding myself jumping from one book to another. It’s a bad habit, I know, that’s why I’ve learnt how to conquer this habit.

Here are some of the things I do that helps me read more books and actually get to finish them.

How To Read More Books In A Short Time

Take notes

Call this a pro tip. I used this method a lot while in the university so I thought why not?! The deal is to get a note pad and take note of what you learn and how you can apply them in real life. I discovered that when I take notes and lessons as I read, I find the book more interesting and I have a reason to read to the end. You can also write down your thoughts after reading. Your thoughts can make a good review. You can even publish them on book reading websites or even on social media. This makes you anticipate reading more books.

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Choose a book on a topic you are really interested in.

You shouldn’t read a book on a topic you aren’t interested in. I find that when the books I pick up have a thing or two on human psychology and philosophy I find it boring and I stop reading almost as soon as I pick it up. A quick glance at the first page should tell you what a book is about. If it’s not your thing, then you might as well just put it back neatly into the shelf.
The timing is also important. If I’m not currently interested in managing my money and investments, I won’t read books on that topic yet cos I might find it boring. It’s like pouring water on a duck’s back, I won’t find the information useful.  Same way you shouldn’t read a book on music if you aren’t interested in it. Just choose your battles lol but you get get the whole idea..

A chapter a day

Instead of trying to read it all at once, one chapter or two a day would be just fine. Don’t forget to take notes and lessons as you read on. You can decide to read it all at once but make sure you’re taking lessons and enjoying every page you flip through.

Finish one book before another

Jumping from one book to another without isn’t always the best thing to do. Discipline yourself to read one book at a time. Give yourself a reward if you need to. I need this tip more than anyone else. I’m practicing it already, so help me God!

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Choose a variety of genres

A great way to get yourself to read more books in a short time is by reading a variety of books on different genres. You can start with one genre and gradually move into others. You can start with autobiography and fiction especially short stories before moving on to self help and motivational books.

ALWAYS have the book you’re reading close to you, this way you won’t forget to open it up and quickly flip through the pages.

FINALLY a quiet and conducive environment cannot be overlooked. You need all the concentration you can get. If you’re like me and you love to play out scenes in your head while reading, then you’ll understand the importance of a conducive reading environment.

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Vanessa ❤️