It can be pretty confusing to know the exact reasons your baby is crying. Crying is your baby’s only way of communicating hunger, fear,  pain, sleep, tiredness and many other emotions.

To figure out what the problem might be, you need to be very sensitive so you can get it fixed right way. Here are some reasons your baby is crying and some signs to look out for.


1. Hunger

This should obviously be the first thing that comes into your mind when your baby starts crying, babies have a small stomach so they tend to eat often hence it’s usually the first thing moms look out for.

2.  Stomach pain (gas)

When your babies feed, they swallow air along with their food, if this air becomes trapped, it makes them uncomfortable. If your baby just finished eating and they seem rather uncomfortable then this might be because of some trapped air. All you need do is to burp your baby. A bit of back rubbing and gentle pats will help your baby belch and release the trapped air.

3.  Dirty diaper

Some babies can tolerate soiled diaper while others can’t. If it begins to itch or feels wet,  your baby would give you a signal like “it’s time mama, I don’t wanna have a nappy rash” Haha!
It’s very important to change their diapers often even though it means spending a lot of money, oh well,  God will provide. I personally hate nappy rash so much that I cringe when I see some moms using powder on their baby’s butt during a diaper change. I recommend using natural oils or butter, my shea butter mix does wonders in this regard, give it a try and watch your baby’s butt become as smooth as silk.

4.  Sleep

When your baby is overtired and need some sleep they just start crying, this one annoys the hell out of me. Why would someone cry when they want to sleep, Just go ahead and sleep already lol! One sign to figure out that your baby needs some sleep is when they rub their eyes continuously.

5.  Needs cuddling

Babies need a ton of affection, I never get tired in this regard. I as an adult loves cuddles much less a sweet angel who has come to trust you completely. Sometimes all they need is to see your face,  listen to you speak, hear your voice,  detect your smell and all those sweet mom and baby stuff.

6.  Too hot or too cold

The weather also has its roles to play and as always, your baby would express their discomfort by crying.
Some weeks ago,  my sweet baby girl taught me a very important lesson. It had just finished raining and as expected I had to cover her up so she stays warm. I handed her over to my sister while I tried to get some sleep, minutes later small madam started crying, I thought she was hungry, I tried feeding her, she refused to eat, I tried putting her to sleep, that didn’t work either long story short, it took me three hours to figure that maybe she was hot and she just needed me to me to take off her clothes, well I did and she stopped crying immediately. Praise the Lord!! Lol! Lesson learnt: pay attention always.

7.  Teething pain

Teething comes with its own bouts of pain and discomfort, give them medication if any and do your best to keep your baby warm.

8.  Overstimulation

Sometimes your baby is tired from being carried around, touched and passed from one person to another and they just need some quiet time with their mom of course.

9.  Wants some stimulation

It could, however, be the other way. Your baby might be tired of being alone and needs a loved one to play with her.

10.  Colic

The mystery reason why babies cry. A colic baby cries uncontrollably for about 3 hours a day, three days a week. It, unfortunately, has no magic cure and It would stop after a while.
It can be frustrating though, When you realise its just colic, try to give yourself a break, if you have someone to assist you to rock your baby around please let the person help. You can take turns until the crying stops. Soon after crying, your baby would sleep off as she’ll be exhausted from crying so much, then you can heave a sigh of relief and take some rest.
Some extra tips on how to soothe your crying baby
Allow them to suck on something, it could be a teether, a pacifier or even their fingers.
Sing lullabies or their favourite rhymes.
Hold them close so they feel safe.
No matter how wise you are, you can never read your baby’s mind accurately, your inability to comfort your baby doesn’t make you a bad mom,  no guilty feelings, please. If you’ve done all you can, and the crying still continues,  it might be a sign of an underlying issue, then you might need to see your paediatrician.

Dear moms, which one of these reasons makes your baby cry the most? Dear moms to be,  how much do you love a crying baby?
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