Does shaving the vagina area equal a healthy vagina? Would you prefer a shaved punani or a hairy one? In case you’re wondering, the word punani is an informal slang for the female genitals.

Ladies, what do you think about shaved vaginas? If we had men reading this blog I would have asked them if they preferred a shaved or a hairy one. Somehow the onus of discussion is on them because most of these decisions are determined by how they want their meal served. lol.

As a lady, I have had partners who told me they preferred my vagina shaved, and I have had guys who talk about how a particular girlfriend of theirs, is a dirty freak, all because they had to go down to a “bush” in their own words.

I put it to you that ladies, whether your men like your vagina shaved or not, there lies a duty of care you need to perform to ensure that your vagina remains healthy, clean and devoid of diseases. Well, shaving is one of those very little but significant things.

Although medically, there aren’t statistics to buttress whether or not shaving contributes to vagina health, my personal experience with my personal gynecologist sums it for me as she had always hammered on shaving to be one of those factors to consider when examining the cause of infection or a reinfection.

You might want to know why. I could tell what you should know about shaving and it’s benefits.





According to research, it is said that girls who shave their pubic hair are not likely to get chlymydia  or STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). The thing with not shaving is that, dirt and bacteria gets trapped in those hairs easily and without carefulness, travels right into your vagina and we know, how discomforting having infections with the itching and pains can be. One can also be aware of these diseases earlier when you have a clean shave as it’s more visible than when there are hairs and start treatment immediately.


Sexual intercourse involves having to come in contact with each other’s skin and without friction too. You enjoy sex when there isn’t any form of friction in between, which hairs in your vagina area can cause. Having a bald vagina allows  for sensitivity and makes you enjoy sex the way you want. Especially If you are the type who enjoys oral sex, you would be doing yourself a great disservice having those hairs down there, you don’t want a situation where your partner is complaining of having your hairs come in-between their teeth. Ewwww.




Let’s be real, there is this comfort that comes with shaving. Comfort ability is one thing most persons don’t joke with. I don’t. If you decide to start shaving, You will be able to get rid of excessive sweat accumulation in your genitals which causes you discomfort.

You will feel clean and fresh too because hairs trap dirt and dirt can cause odour since the vagina area is always covered. However, when you shave, there’s the feeling of freshness you feel. It’s easier to to shower because you don’t have to spend time washing the hairs.



When you feel how smooth and clean your vagina is, wearing those sexy lingeries becomes a big deal. You want to shove it in everyone’s face that you are the real deal. You feel more confident to pull off your clothes when there’s need to. For instance, there were times during one of my gynea sessions, I was asked to pull off my panties so as to enable her check my genitals and I was so shy. I was shy because the hairs were embarrassing really. They were long and popped out of my panties *insert shy face* but if I had had a clean shave, I would have just flaunted it.  Shaving really boosts your self esteem.

You can now understand that shaving is not a decision to be made by the other person but you, especially if you want to remain healthy for yourself. Without the worries of going through the agony of infections and medications of different sorts.

I know you would want to try on these things and I do not want you to rack your brain while I’m here.  Your question may be, how do I shave?




Listen up! To shave is to sit down with your favorite meal right in front of you, dissecting but not wanting to finish so it takes a longer time for you to be done with the meal.

First things first, try as much as you can to be very patient when you want to shave. Patience is the most important criteria when shaving. You need to calm down and take those hairs off or risk cutting yourself mercilessly.

You also need to know that your hair are primarily on your vulva and not the vagina itself.

These simple steps will guide you;


1. Make sure to wash the area before shaving.  This helps to take out any bacteria lurking around the vagina.

2. Start with the longer hairs. Use a scissors and trim it to a lower length.

3. Then shave with your shaving razor.

4. You can also apply shaving cream or gel. To use this, please do a patch test and check if your skin is not too sensitive.

5. But if you are using a shaving stick, Try moving your shaving razor horizontally from outside to inside.

6. Please always use a sharp razor, you do not want to give yourself cuts as a result of dragging the blades through your vagina skin multiple times.

7. Wash off with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. I always advise you have a separate towel for your genitals.

8. Don’t shave everyday. This will make your skin overly sensitive and susceptible to infections.


A healthy Vagina is a healthy you, irrespective of what anyone thinks or prefers.

So yeah, would you rather shave that punani on your next D-appointment?

Oops! You are not married! But you get the deal lol!

So tell me, are you team shaved or team hairy vagina?


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