Single strand knots are also known as fairy knots because they are so tight only a fairy could have tied them. Unfortunately they cannot be unravelled so the only solution is usually to snip them off.
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Single strand knots are caused when single hair strands curls up on itself. As we all know, the curl pattern of 4b/4c kinky natural hair are quite tight hence the possibility of curling up on itself. Just imagine a stretching a spring and letting go, I don’t know if that explains it though but you get right? Our hair does even more than that. When these hair strands curl up on themselves they form knots which in turn tangles up with other strands forming large balls of matted hair which eventually leads to breakage and damage.
“Simply put;
Single strand knot +Single strand knots =Large balls of matted hair.
How to reduce single strand knots (ssk’s)
Oil your hair after moisturising.
How does this work? Let’s do a simple experiment shall we? Get and elastic rubber band and dip into oil, now try to knot the band, what happens? Does it knot? It’s quite difficult same way it is to natural hair.
Wear your hair in stretched hair styles.
One trusted way is to keep the hair stretched. When the hair is stretched, it minimizes the possibility of the strands curling up on one another.
Large and medium sized twists are a great way to do this. Lots of wash and go’s increases the chances of having ssk’s.
Satin/ silk bonnets and scarves
Protect your hair at night by wearing a satin/silk bonnet or scarf. Satin bonnets do not strip the hair of the moisture it needs to thrive. It helps to retain moisture unlike cotton which strips the hair of moisture. The smooth surface of satin and silk enables the hair strands to glide through without causing any damage.
Do the search and destroy method.
Search through your hair and snip off every single strand knots you find. If you don’t, they would curl up further the length of your hair and cause more damage.
But even after doing all this, you would still have single strand knots in your hair. I’m sorry to disappoint you. Infact every natural haired lady has them, you’ll however be able to reduce their occurrence. So don’t get overwhelmed, they’re every natural’s nightmare..