I sincerely love the reactions I got since I posted a picture of some skincare products I got from definition tees, it means a lot of you love skincare and would love to join me in the glow train this year.

Majority of the problem I noticed you have is; clearing dark spots and acne (pimples). There is no fast road to this. What ever route you choose to take will take time to see results.

So right here, I’m going to put a disclaimer: Please note that my skin is not perfect or flawless. My major focus is keeping it healthy just like I’ve done with my hair. Everything I share in this post are what I do to my skin and they MAY NOT work for you too.

So now that we’re done with that disclaimer, I’ll tell you everything I do to my skin.
To keep my skin healthy, I’ve tried to build a simple skincare routine that I can stay CONSISTENT with.


First of all, I bath with black soap, the one you see in the picture above. I use it for my face too. I make it myself and it’s up for sale too, it’s just N1,500. I use it to wash off dirt and grime from my skin, it lathers so well and it’s effective for cleansing my skin.

Sometimes, I lather it on my face and allow the lather to dry up for about 10 minutes before washing off, more like using it as a mask. Whenever I do this, there’s always this squeaky clean feel I get that makes me so satisfied.

Step 2: TONE

To tone my skin, I use rose water. Rosewater helps to balance out the skin’s pH. The soap (cleanser) I used in step 1 is alkaline in nature, (all soaps and cleansers have this property) so we have to try to get the skin’s pH back to normal, that’s usually between 4.5 to 5.5 hence the need for a toner. Rose water works fine for me. It tones and hydrates my skin leaving it soft and supple. I put some in a spray bottle so I can easily apply it to my face.
To apply, I spray a little quantity to my face and neck and allow it to dry. When I do this, I notice an instant hydration.


To moisturize and treat, I use Shea butter souffle to lock in the moisture I get from my rosewater. A little goes a long way! While my face is still damp, I apply the the Shea souffle to moisturize and mildly treat my skin.


I follow up with my sunscreen to keep my skin especially my facial skin protected from the sun. This particular one I currently use, pictured below has an SPF of 50 and is super affordable. I got it for N1,500 from definition tees. I’ve linked the store page so you can easily check them out.


Masks helps to draw out dirt and impurities from the skin. The mask pictured is a clay mask, it contains kaolin clay, betonite clay and activated charcoal as active ingredients.

I apply it evenly on my face and allow it to dry. I noticed that when I apply this, as it dries, it tightens up my pores. I rinse off after 30 to 45 minutes even though the direction says 15 minutes lol.. I do that to allow it get dry completely. I wash it off when it’s dry and I do steps 1, 2 and 3 above. I do step 4 if I’m going out during the day. I skip it at night.

I exfoliate my skin too. I use the mechanical method, I don’t do this often, let’s say once a month. I exfoliate my whole body on the days I feel like pampering my skin a bit just because baby girl 😄
So while I do that, I put some on my face too.
If I’m being honest, I think I prefer masks and that’s the reason I exfoliate less. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells to reveal more beautiful skin.

Everything I’ve written here are things I currently do to my skin, all of these work together to help me achieve good skin. I can tell you for free that my skin is gradually improving. People around me say it lot too.
Don’t forget to add drinking lots of water and staying hydrated to the list, it works wonders.

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Love always,
Vanessa ❤️