I love to take social media breaks from time to time and this helps me to clear my head from all of the social media shenanigans.

Well, if you ask me social media is a great way to meet up, connect and engage with like minds no doubt.

There are so many good platforms out there, the popular ones in this part of the world being Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp and even WhatsApp is no longer a friend and family kind of app. 

A lot of persons now use WhatsApp just the way they use Snapchat because of the newly introduced story (status) feature so oftentimes you have a lot of contacts who you do not know in real life as well.

Heck! We even use WhatsApp for business! I’m still looking forward to the monetization strategy WhatsApp will roll out, well that’s by the way.


I just deleted my social media apps and I do not feel bad about it. The truth is that if you don’t know how to use social media you might end up using it the wrong way and the implication of this is that if you’re not able to control what you take in you might end up being one of the persons who get depressed from social media, because let’s face it, by the time you see some of your mates accomplishing things which have not been able to accomplish, making a lot of progress and generally doing better  than you, you’ll easily fall into the comparism trap.

This unnecessary comparism and pressure is not good for your mental health.

Social media is teaching us to compare our lives instead of appreciating everything we are and have.

I love to take social media breaks from time to time to make sure I’m on track and that I’m not missing out on the whole purpose of social media so yeah! Here are some reasons why I think you should take breaks from social media as well.


To form genuine relationships

I know a lot of person have met really good persons on social media and they form genuine and amazing relationships with each other. However, a higher percentage of relationships are better formed and nurtured offline; in real life. These are people you can see and relate with. 

Trying to connect with people on social media almost feels like stalking a stranger. Social media can be tricky, you discover someone online, you start engaing with them, you watch all their stories, repost all their posts, like all their pictures and videos. At some point you’d begin to feel like you’re friends with ‘this person’ meanwhile to ‘that person’ you are just another loyal fan! Has it ever happened to you? Well then you need a social media detox  because you’re in need of a reality check.

If you ever plan to use social media to form genuine relationships then you have to be very intentional about it. Be intentional about the kind of people you follow, make sure they enjoy bring friends with you too then you can definitely work something out.

To enjoy real life

There is always this pressure to blog or vlog, to take pictures of what you’re eating, of where you’re going to, the dress you’re wearing and things you’re doing. 
Does pressure to try to meet up make you miss out on real life? Can you take a moment to unwind and enjoy the moment please? The best moments are when the cameras are off! You need to enjoy real life conversations, the company of real people around you and this simply means spending less time on social media.

To focus on your goals

Listen (read) carefully, whether you like it or not social media is a huge distraction. I saw a book online sometime ago and the title of the book says “I for don blow but I too dey press phone”  in the local Nigerian pidgin language. What this means is  “I would have been very successful if I wasn’t spending so much time on my phone.” 

This is not too far from the truth. Chances are whenever you are with your phone you’re on one social media app or the other. I take time off social media to actually focus on my goals whenever I begin to feel very distracted from my real life.

Other benefits of social media detox include;

  • Clarity on your life’s short and long  term goals.
  • Mindfulness
  • Decreased anxiety.
  • Happiness
  • Gratitude and appreciation of what you have, your progress and achievements.

As always I try to keep everything short and sweet and on that note, I think I’m going to stop here for today. I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two and I believe you will be more intentional about the way you use social media and also take breaks when you need to.

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Love always,

Vanessa ❤️

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