One question that has been on my mind for a long time now is if stay at home moms should get paid.
Well because let’s face it, stay at home moms get to do lots of jobs that you would normally pay people to do from being a cleaner, a nanny, a cook, gardener, housekeeper to being a laundry “woman” and dishwasher, the list is endless and there’s no time off.

I reached out to five awesome moms and I asked them to share their thoughts on if stay at home moms should get paid. Here’s what they had to say.


If stay at home moms should get paid by the government, then YES but if by their husbands,then NO. Their husbands don’t have to pay them but should give them some money they can use to buy whatever they wish to get for themselves during every month.

5 moms on if stay at home moms should get paid 

Ijeoma (Ijefinelivin)

Marriage is an institution that comes with a lot of things most evidently children. It’s an assignment for both parties. Both parties are united by marriage and sent on a unique mission.
After you get married you actually get to realize that you did not exactly choose where you are, it was God’s orchestration all the way. Now, if circumstances warrant that you have to stay at home, to cater fully I don’t think there must be an incentive attached to it. Even a trained doctor will treat his father for free. A sibling who takes care of a sick parent is not doing it for his parents or other siblings to pay him. It’s family.
Stay at home moms are not any different. The contention here is the fact that the moms in question see other moms working and earning a living and wish that was them. Those who work make money from their jobs which they still bring to the home to support what the husband does. You’ll notice that they also have to set aside some extra bucks to pay the extra hands that participate in caring for the children and other needs in the home, that stay at home moms would handled themselves.In the end it boils down to how the family finances is set and what and what it can conveniently cater to.If it’s convenient for the man, he will give the woman a fixed amount of money every month as compensation for maintaining herself. This depends on his capacity because no amount of money can fully compensate all the work and sacrifice stay at home moms put in.

Attaching a price to it makes it look like a job, which it is not. And it is also not a substitute for a job. There are stay at home moms who do not get paid but enjoy treats from their husband every now and then and that makes it fun; unpredictable and exciting. Every caring husband knows a woman has needs and will make attempt to provide where he can and where necessary, and plead for his wife’s understanding when he can’t.

Well, for me there is no cash equivalent to what the stay at home moms do but a stipend to take care of themselves and having some cash to their name would be just fine.


The stay at mom should be given the opportunity to make a living or get paid by the government depending on the reason she is at home, let’s say nursing mothers should be paid, mothers with kids under five years should be paid too, or at least given a work they can work from home or part-time while being able to care for their children. However in Nigeria the government doesn’t look into these things if they can’t provide jobs, employ and pay young graduates or support entrepreneurs how much more nursing mothers.

Oma (Omagarden)

For me, the answer isn’t a clear cut Yes or No, it’s in between.
Most of the stay at home moms I know and have met made the decision to stay at home, ranging from reasons such as being present in the upbringing of their children, pursuing their dreams, being their own bosses and so on, the most common reason for them was to be involved in their children’s life.

When you are paid, it means you are receiving a salary from an employer based on your fulfillment of certain work requirements.

I do not think being a mom should be viewed as a job that you need to be paid for. Being a mother is an inescapable responsibility, one that you must fulfill irrespective of whether you will be rewarded with cash, gift, praises or the kind. It is one you assume at the right time, where you keep learning on the job. Therefore, deciding to stay at home to care for your children shouldn’t be one where you demand payment for doing something you were meant to be doing in the first place. It’s like demanding payment for being a woman or a daughter. It also means you view you spouse as your “employer” which I’m sure my feminist sisters won’t be in support of.

However, I can understand the challenges and feeling that there should be some form of “compensation” for your extra sacrifice. In this case, my advice is to discuss with your partner so that he puts you on some form of monetary allowance at specific time intervals. With that in place, you can cater to your needs. Also, finding a secondary stream of income would also be very helpful.

It doesn’t matter which side of the divide you belong to, the truth remains that no monetary compensation equates the work stay at home moms do or the sacrifices they make. So whether you choose to be be a momprenuer, a full-time stay at home mom, a work from home mom or a career mom, just go for it, the rewards are endless.

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There you have it queens, please share your thoughts, do you think stay at home moms should get paid?



  1. 16th October 2018 / 10:49 pm

    I love this series! I don’t think stay at home moms should be paid. Because no amount of money can cover up what being a mom actually is. The husband can however show appreciation by giving her money as a thank you gift or taking her for a treat.

  2. 18th October 2018 / 7:34 am

    I’m not sure about payment and agree with what they said about no payment being able to cover all bases. However, the spouse needs to be understanding about the situation the woman is in – she might be battling some things while also trying to grasp motherhood. She should be able to have at least something to keep the body and soul together, to take care of herself. It’s not about salaried employment but maybe upkeep? It also depends on the finances of the family like some said. I personally don’t want to end up as a stay at home mother – I want to be out there doing things too! But if I do, I definitely won’t be expecting salary (or so I think right now anyway), I’d look for ways to monetise even while home, in any way possible.

    Sounds like the start of a nice series! Some other topics you can tackle include – do you think you’ll be able to give ‘the talk’ to your kids? Is there a one-size fits all approach to motherhood? What are things you wish you knew before you had a child? What’s the most challenging day you’ve had so far as a mother? Can labour pains ever be overexaggerated? What’s the dumbest thing people said to you during pregnancy/after childbirth? etc.

    Looking forward to more posts!

  3. Sarah
    25th October 2018 / 6:25 pm

    stay at home moms can get frustrated if proper care is not giving to them by their husbands especially when they see other women working and doing well for themselves. So let’s not use the word “pay” but they should be appreciated by their husbands, maybe a monthly allowance will do or trying to always meet her woman needs.

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