The holidays are officially over and by now everything should have returned to normal.

Schools and businesses have resumed fully and euphoria of the new year is gradually fading off. This is just the right time to re-evaluate your goals for the year, how are you holding up with your goals resolutions??

Personally, I don’t think I’m doing bad. All I need to do is put in the much needed work and stay consistent. A wise person once said; you get real results when you do one thing over and over again.

There’s a lot of truth in that statement and to achieve most of my goals for the year I have decided to implement the word “consistency”.
Being consistent isn’t the only thing I plan doing this year. I’m also making effort to take charge of my finances.


Every lady in her twenties wants to take charge of her finances no doubt. I’m a part of this group of people who wish to retire early, travel the world and live their best lives but all of these begins with little baby steps like starting a business, getting a well paying job or chasing passion and managing the money in your pocket or bank account. Infact travelling to at least one African country on a short vacation is on my bucket list for 2020. I plan to take advantage of the cheap flight rates from Travelstart but first I have to actively save towards it hence I need to develop a good saving habit this new year.

You should visit the Travelstart web page just to take a look at the mouth watering deals even if you’re like me and you currently can’t afford to travel. Visiting the website is enough to motivate you to take your goals for the new year seriously just like it does to me!

One of the things I’m doing to take charge of my finances now is building a saving culture for myself. My excuse for not saving has always been that I don’t have a steady stream of income. However, it’s very important that I put something away at the end of the month, week or day or as often as I earn and that’s what I’ve been doing this year. 

I recently started using piggyvest to save. All I had to do was register on the platform and set it up by linking my bank details. I chose the auto save option so I can save a specific amount of money as often as I want to lets say N200 or N1000 daily, weeklyor monthly depending on my budget. 

I can also do a the quick save whenever I want. I think it’s a good way to gain financial independence by taking baby steps which is exactly what I’m doing and I do believe that it will work very well for me. I highly recommend this for you of saving is your priority this year.

The whole process is super easy to set up. You can register with my referral link. When you sign up with my referral link you get a  bonus of N1000. It’s actually N1000  for me and N1000 for you as well. Please register with my referral link, when you do, I get a little commission and you support me by provide the little fund to keep this blog running.


The third thing I’m doing to take charge of this new year is planning. For everyday I have a to-do list where I write down everything I would want to do in a day. So let’s say I want to wash my clothes by 8 a.m, I write it down. Basically anything I want to do, I just write it down and I try to stick to it. The good thing about this is that it helps me stay organised and it also helps me achieve a lot of things so I don’t forget what I’m supposed to do at every point in time. Whatever I do not achieve that particular day can be rolled over into the next day and I also plan my week and  months as well. I plan my month as it helps me track of my long and short  term goals. 


 How has this year been for you?  What have you been doing to take charge of this new year? I believe that this year would be one of your best years yet and you’ll achieve all you set out to do in this new year.

Do have an amazing year. I am sending you lots of hugs and kisses. Keep the positive vibes up and don’t slow down for any reason. I’ll be here with more posts, I do hope I stay consistent and as always, do have a wonderful day, week, month and year.

Stay fab!


Vanessa ❤️