So I’m finally putting myself together to write this post. Somehow I feel like I have to be in a particular mental space to be able to write about 2019, to share my struggles and wins.

I know that even if I’m in no mood to “talk”, I have to still give this year some kind of closure.

First things first, this year was NOT perfect. I’ve watched others share their stories and one thing was constant, we all fought so many battles and overcame a lot of challenges all by ourselves.

I’m thankful that this year refined me just the way gold goes through fire to become the pure gold everyone admires and trust me when I say it’s not been an easy process.

All the little things I did and activities I engaged in started making a lot of sense.
I’ve gone from having absolutely nothing and super broke to starting and growing my business Girlfident.

As the clock for 2019 gradually ticks away, I feel nostalgic, I’ll definitely miss the memories I created for myself but I won’t miss the pain I’ve had to deal with. Amidst all these, I made progress and I’m thankful.


This year, I took a long social media break. I stayed away from social media for about 5 months, during the unintentional break, my blog hosting expired, I lost my blog contents because I wanted to run away from everything, all I really needed back then was to regain my sanity. I was depressed and suicidal at that time. One day I’ll be able to share those struggles without batting an eyelid but until then, I’m still on a journey of healing and self discovery and love.

I finally took the bold step to get my baby back (my blog) 8 month later as a little birthday gift for myself because I know I need this platform. I’ve not been consistent with this web space as I’m still finding a way to fit in again. However, one thing is certain, I won’t put myself in a box again. Currently planning strategies for this blog and hopefully this time next year, I’d be super proud to call myself a Blogger.


It got to a point this year I had to ask myself genuinely if something was wrong with me because of the way everyone walked out of my life one after another. Somehow, everyone who mattered to me gradually drifted away. The whole experience was crazy.
I’m thankful for the people who walked in and chose to stay regardless.


This hasn’t been a smooth walk. I think I’m gradually detaching from playing religion to actually building a relationship with God. This is no where near perfect. I’m really happy I chose to go back to Jesus to make him the center of my whole existence. Again this is not perfect but I believe it will get better from here.

2019 GOALS

I didn’t have laid down goals or resolution just a few prayer requests on my expectation form. All of these requests were granted by God. He either did what I asked for just how I wrote them or responded by asking me to wait. I’m really thankful for progress this year, super thankful!

My highlights for this year was my convocation, national service and my business. I’m still serving my dear country and I’m really glad for the doors this phase of my life will bring to me.

In the coming year 2020, I plan to assert myself more, work super smart and become a better version of myself.

I hope you had an amazing year. Cheers to the year 2020.

With love always,
Vanessa ❤️