I think November started out on a high for me. I was writing my final exams and was fully engrossed in studying for those exams. They meant a lot to me and I’m so grateful to God as it all went well.

Rounding up with all form of school work including project and project defense was top priority and now that I’m done with all of that you can call me a certified graduate if you so wish. *smiling face*

I intentionally blurred some parts in this picture.

I also decided to get back to blogging fully and to grow my brand. Its one way of helping me deal with the boredom I feel having little or nothing to do.

I’m thankful to God for what I was able to achieve. I know the future holds something bigger and better but till then, I’ll keep taking one step at a time.

Any lessons learnt?

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, you’ll never know what and how things would turn out if you don’t try.

How has November been for you?


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