My eyes are weak, my brain feels clouded, my body feels weak, I’m tired. All I want to do is rest but rest seems far away, I toss and turn, I try to see if I can do away with the troubles but I can’t.

Too many thoughts are rushing through my mind and a few ideas tickling my brain. Okay, maybe I might just try to get a bit of clarity on this one cause everything seems blurred. So I shut my eyes and rest my head gently on my pillow then it hits me “oh this could make for a good blog post who knows?” I open my eyes, grab my phone and start typing.

Just then my brother walks into my room, “oh dear Jesus! What does he want?” I ask myself in my head, I think I’d just remain silent so he leaves but no he insists and keeps bugging me, this time I find myself screaming “Leave me alone!!” I’m sorry but I didn’t expect it myself. I’ve always been the calm one. The one who has the most control over her emotions. He walks away without saying a word. Thinking about it now, I’m tempted to call him back but no I won’t, one has to be tough sometimes.

Should I tell you what that scream did to me? It opened up my insides, I feel like I can finally let it all out, I want to channel all my creative energy into something I love. Where do I start? I ask myself and then my heart starts wandering again. This right here is every Creative’s dilemma especially those like me who have not found an outlet for their creativity and even when we do, we don’t know how to channel this creative energy to create positive change.

I needed an outlet, reason why I created this blog but I still struggle with it everyday and it’s not roses, ice-cream and milkshake. It can be hard sometimes but I keep thriving.

I know I’m creative, I know it. My hands are always itching to try something, my brain is always working, picking up challenges even when the regular person does not see it, proferring solutions when I see a problem, building strategies for others without their knowledge but I can’t seem to get up and execute mine.

Oh I just figured it out! EXECUTION!!! I lack execution and that’s why I feel this way, overwhelmed, burdened and tired. My brain is getting tired of too many stored ideas, it’s screaming for space! Now that I’ve gotten this one figured I’m going to start unloading the ideas stored in my little small head and I’m going to execute every single thing. Oh well until I feel it’s time to start storing the ideas again 😄 Oh no! I won’t do that. I’ll get to work immediately.

This is my musing at almost midnight, no I’m not going to worry about SEO or any of those things. This is for anyone who cares to read.

Love, happiness and sunshine
Vanessa ❤❤