The stay at home master plan is a simple yet effective book to turn you in the right direction to slay those goals!

Who is the stay at home Master plan for?

This book is for you if you’re a Student, a graduate, a business owner, a personal brand, a stay at home mom or dad, infact for everyone who wants to be at the top of their game in their chosen field.

If you’re this person, get ready to spread your wings and fly! The stay at home master plan is the wind you need below your wings. Ready to take charge?

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In this book, I show you a simple yet effective guide to getting stuff done without hassle. I tell you the one reason why you never accomplish a lot at home and I give you the blueprint to overcome this challenge.

I show you the secret to being on top of your game in your industry plus help you discover what you should drive your energy into. Are you ready to find out? Get your copy now.

You might be wondering how much this book is worth. It’s worth is directly proportional to the future you see for yourself and I’m giving you value for this knowledge for just a token, just N700 less than $2. This is what Nigerians call shikini money 


You might wonder if I couldn’t just just give this book away for free but you already know what they say about free stuff; free knowledge is not valued and besides I need only serious people who are ready to take this Masterplan serious. $2 can’t buy you a decent meal or even a small sized pizza and in my opinion it’s enough investment to make for the serious minded.

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I make it a habit to read my books and write-ups over and over again and I always get the same “dust your ass and get to work” feeling everytime I read this book. This book is enough to get you to up to take action. It would feel like there’s a candle light beneath your bum by the time you’re done. The reality check activities will activate your mind and help you spot that light bulb, best believe you’ll have your eureka moment!


And the good part is that it’s not one of those long as hell, boring ass books. This is simple to understand and straight to the point. You’d be done in 30 minutes max. Another 30 minutes for the exercises, that’s 1 hour max! Want to understand what I mean? Click here now!

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