Dear girl,

I see your struggles, I see your pain, I see your shame, I see your sorrows, I see your tears.

I understand how difficult it must have been to not give up. I understand how much pain you’ve had to deal with alone, how you feel shrinking into your shell. I understand how you’ve been shattered and frustrated. I understand how it feels trying to mend pieces of your heart together. Mending pieces of broken bottles hurts! Your hands get hurt in the process. I understand you when you say you want to give up because… I’ve been there.

I hear the side talks, I hear the scorny laughter, the rumours, the lies, the half truths.

I see the sneer, I see the eyes filled with pity, always piercing through your eyes, trying to find something related to the source of your pain. I see how they smile sheepishly when they ask you “how are you?” Not because they truly care but because they want to hear you say “I’m fine” but we all know the reverse is the case.

I watch the mockery, I watch the discrimination, I watch noses get lifted at you daily. I watch the eyes being rolled when your name is mentioned.

I feel the anger burning in you, I feel the hatred trying to plant its tap roots in your heart, I feel you, totally

But listen, I’m going to tell you this gently, read my lips; YOU. ARE. GREATER. THAN. THESE.

“You aren’t those mistakes, you were just a tool to fulfill that destiny. The lessons you’ve learnt first hand from those experiences can’t be gotten from reading a trailer of books.

You are evolving, you’re growing, your soaring high, you’re breaking limits, you’re moving forward! I see those little steps you’re taking, one day they’ll eventually make sense.

It’s okay to get your act together! Gradually! Get up! Start over!

Still asking how? Begin from where you stopped, brace yourself and start over! You’re going to need a lot of courage to grow past this phase.

Oh.. I know you were the church girl, the good girl. The one who always did the right thing. The intelligent one, the one who had answers to everything, the chosen one, the one with a bright future, the family’s favourite.. but your table turned over and splashed it’s contents on your face and all you want to do now is hide yourself in shame but please don’t stay there. Pick what’s left on your table and rearrange them. And if there’s nothing left, get yourself another table, get your own content and arrange them how you want. This means you still have to START OVER.

You only have two choices, remain mediocre or start over and fulfil your destiny. I hope you make the right choice.

With Love,
Vanessa ❤