Working from home can be chaotic if you do not have a well planned schedule to stay organized.

You can get overwhelmed easily when you try to perform every task at the the same time so much that you might end up doing nothing.

Boss girl tips to help you stay organized

Take a bath early in the morning

Sometimes we fantasize about the idea of working from home as wearing your sleep wear all day sipping coffee, oh no it’s not! Sometimes, you have to freshen up early in the morning to get yourself into that mental space of being productive. Let’s forget about scheduling apps and all those fancy things, truth is if you don’t look the part of someone who’s ready to get work done, you might just end up lazing around the whole day.

Have a daily or weekly schedule

If you plan getting any work done when you work from home, you need to plan your week or day ahead. A planner, note pad or digital scheduling app can help with this. I find that setting a reminder on my phone works perfectly for me.
Plan your day or week and categorize each task by priority, also write down what steps you’ll take to hit your target, this way you know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals for each day or week.

Be specific with your tasks

It’s not enough to say I’ll do this or that today. Give yourself a time frame to begin each task and finish up with it. So instead of saying today I’ll reach out to five clients, publish a new article and take photographs, you should say by 9am I’ll call Mr A, B, C, D and E, by 10am I’ll write and edit my new article on (the topic of your article) and by 5pm I’ll take photographs of the new products I received from Miss B.
This way you stay organized through the day and you know when to start working on each task and you also give yourself time to finish each one.

Create a work space

Your work space can be a little corner in your house, your dinning or sitting room. In fact anywhere that gives you the let’s get productive vibe. You can choose to decorate your work space with colours and items which fit your brand aesthetics, that way even you feel unmotivated you may just get the extra push to be creative and get work done.

Have a fixed time for work

You shouldn’t work round the clock even if you work from home. Creating a schedule for official hours saves you the trouble of trying to do everything all at once. When you have a fixed time for work, you’ll have more time to spend on other important things like family, you stay organized and your life is less chaotic.

Remove distractions

Distractions always reduce your productivity when you work from home. If you’ve got plans to stay organized, remain sane and be productive you should consider removing every source of distraction from your work area. This could be as simple as turning off the television or music, removing clutter from your work area and turning off notifications for your phone.

Accept help if you can get any.

If you can please delegate duties to your staff if you have any. If you have a baby and someone you trust offers to help you babysit or run errands please accept so you can reduce the work load on yourself.

Do you have any other tips you implement which helps you stay organized? Please share.

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