In the past few weeks, I’ve had to ask myself the why’s, this is because I want to be sure I have a good reason for everything I do. If it’s important or not or if there are any benefits thereof. One of the why questions I’ve asked myself is “why did I start blogging?” It’s important to know why I started blogging in the first play so I don’t loose focus and get  carried away in the blogosphere by things which really do not matter.

To express myself

The main reason why I started blogging is to express myself. I’m a person of very few words, you would most certainly never find me talking and gisting away, true!  Oftentimes I  just scribble on anything I find around me or better still play scenes in my head.

To document my journey

I want to document my journey to becoming the kind of woman I want to be.   If you’ve noticed, the first few posts I made here were personal stories. I wasn’t even looking for readers when I decided to share my journey neither did I share those posts, my blog then was like my top secret. The moment I got my first comment on my blog,  I decided not to keep it a secret any longer,  what’s there to hide anyway?

To be more self confident

I want to be confident in my own space where I write about my midnight musings,  my before 5 am thoughts. I want to try to write more. Since I’m a person of very few words, I talk a lot in my head before I even get to say a word, so I try to write my thoughts down to see how well I can capture those thoughts and if they’ll have the same effect as when I say them instead.

To try new things

I want to overcome my laziness to try out new things. Truth be told I love my comfort zone but what’s going to happen if I decide to take a step out of this cozy zone of mine,  I wouldn’t know if I don’t try. I want to try out new things,  I want to unleash my potentials and I’m here for it, I’ll take one step at a time.

To be more creative

I want to bring out the creativity in me. Someone once told me that I underrate myself so much and it’s true. I think this happened because I’ve been surrounded by lots of naysayers and negativity for a while. I subconsciously believed what these people said. I know I’m intelligent and that I can create new things,  I used to be naive but now I’m smarter.

I want to do what I love

I love long healthy hair, I can’t say that enough. If you’ve been with me you know! I once created a group where I taught other ladies about natural hair care. I knew so much and I thought I knew nothing so I created that group just to see how much I really knew. It was more like testing the waters. I only just became interested in skincare too,  I’ll love to have smooth and even skin, I don’t have it all figured out, I’m still researching and trying to find out what really works.

The first time someone called me a  blogger, there was this wide grin on my face *lol* Am I really a blogger? I do hope to inspire someone with my journey, with my words and with my life.


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