Thank you for your interest in my blog, you’re here because you would love to work with me so we can create something beautiful together.

This lifestyle blog initially launched in September 2017 and relaunched in August 2019 is steadily growing and gathering readers mainly from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States. Majority of our readers are female young adults aged 18 to 35, our male readers also fall into this category. Our audience are interested in finding healthy ways to care for their hair and skin, food, fitness, fashion, finances and health, simply put, my audience want to live their best life without forgetting the pleasures life has to offer, so if your brand falls into any of these categories then we’re in for a collaboration. How amazing is that?
Some services I currently offer are;
Sponsored Posts
A sponsored post is a well written article about your product or brand which could either be written by me or by you (but subject to changes and edit by me).
Side banner or header Ad
You can buy an Ad Space on the blog’s side bar or header. What this means is that a picture of your product, brand, place or event which links to your website or social media will be displayed on the side bar (in PC or just below below blog posts in mobile) or on the header (the top of the blog page). This way you get more visibility for your brand and eventually customers and clients.
Available sizes include;
Size 300×250 (side bar)
Size 250×150 (header)
Social Media Mentions
This involves mentioning your brand on my social media platforms and saying something good about you.
Product reviews
I accept products which align with the overall theme of this blog to be reviewed, but I will only write about products I love and would recommend to my readers. If you’d like me to try your products, give my honest opinion and recommend them to my audience then we should get this collaboration going!

Voice overs

I do voiceovers for brands and small businesses. If you want to bring life to your message and social media promotional videos, then I’m your plug. I also create promotional videos and personalized messages for your loved ones.
Place reviews
If you have a really nice place (could be a restaurant, a hair salon, a spa, a sit out, a hotel, a park) you would like me to visit, have a feel of and feature on my blog, do contact me. My audience would love to know about your place and visit too.
I love to give out some free stuff to my blog readers. If you would like me to feature your brand/product in a giveaway, send me a message and tell me what you have in mind.
If you have something unique in mind, I’d like to hear from you.
Send me a mail:

You can view my media kit for more blog details.