Yogurt parfaits are one delicious yummy breakfast and snacking option and the good thing is you can make them just the way you want by yourself at home!

Okay pardon my intro haha! I just want to describe how yummy they are so you could try them for yourself.

Parfaits are made by layering yogurts, fruits and even chips. The rule of thumb while making yogurt parfaits is to use what you have. You can make your parfaits healthy by controlling the amount of sugar and the quantity of ingredients you use.

Here’s a simple recipe you can try at home.

What you’ll need;

Yogurt – Greek yogurt is preferable but any thick yogourt is fine. Sweetened, unsweetened or flavoured is totally up to you.

Nut mix – Granola. If there’s no granola, use coconut chips. One time I used corn flakes in place of granola.

Fruits – Strawberry, watermelon, cucumber, coconut, banana, apple, almonds, dates etc any fruit of your choice.


Chop your fruits into small bits. 

You can make your coconut into chips if you prefer.

In a clear glass cup, put some yogurt.

Layer with granola and fruit mix.

Follow up with more yogurt and layer with more fruits. In that order until you get to the top of the cup.

And your yogurt parfait is ready!

Feel free to smack your lips as you enjoy this yummy meal.

You can eat your parfait alone as a quick breakfast or as a dessert or in between meals as a snack.

Oh and don’t forget to share your yogurt parfait with me when you finally make yours haha!


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