Building a saving culture very early in life helps us to take charge of our finances. To build an effective saving culture we need to learn how to spend less and save more money.

A lot of millennials find it difficult to save money. We always want to spend money and acquire all of life’s pretty pleasures. From impulse buying to buying things we do not really need to being very extravagant; all of these factors prevent us from achieving our financial goals.

I’m still trying to teach myself how to save, although it can be really difficult to save money if like me you do not have a steady source of income. You might think you do not need to save but I’m going to tell you this; please put out some money whenever you receive any income especially for freelancers. Make sure you put something away from every income you get. This will help you not to get stranded if an emergency arises.

I use piggyvest to save money and invest. I like that I can choose to save daily, weekly, monthly or as often as I want. It’s quick and reliable.You can register with my piggyvest referral link, when you do, I receive a bonus of N1,000 and you do too. That is 1k for you and 1k for me.If you want me to do a detailed post on how to use the piggyvest platform, kindly let me know in the comments, I’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have. You can read this post on how I’m taking charge of my life while you’re still here.


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If you want to spend less and save more money then you really need to read to the end of this post as you’ll find tips that will help you to achieve your saving goal. You’ll also find factors that cause you to lose money at the end of the month or at the end of the year.

Effective tips to help you spend less and save more money

There is rice at home

The next time you want to spend that extra 5k on a meal in a restaurant remember that there is plenty of rice at home. This will help you save money from eating out. Most meals in restaurants are usually over rated. You could get much more value when you make your own food. I’m not against eating out, not a bit. In fact I love to eat out from time to time. However, a lot of young adults admit that they spend at least 70 percent of their money on food. If you’re intentional about saving money, make and eat your own food as much as you can.

Save before spending

When you receive your paycheck what’s the first thing you want to do? Buy those things you’ve always wanted! My sister said she’ll enjoy herself first before she’ll think of saving or buying other important things. If you’re like this refer to the point above. Always try to save first before you spend. Save, budget, spend – in that order.

No impulse buying

The moment you find mouth watering deals, black friday sales, new month sales, valentine sales, new year sales, Christmas sales, independence deal you swipe, swipe and swipe your cards. Can I burst your bubble? Most times there isn’t really any discount going on, these brands especially big brands understand how people are always excited when they hear ‘discount’ so they leverage on it. You almost always end up buying what you really don’t need.

How about when you go out, you see a dress you can’t just take your eyes off so you make a purchase – another impulse buy! Reduce impulse buying and save money.

Buy only what you really need else you’ll keep having dresses and shoes you’ll never wear, kitchen appliances you have no need for and living room decor you really don’t need.

If you ever feel like buying something that’s not in your budget, apply the 24 hours rule. Simply wait for 24 hours to decide if you really need it. At the end of 24 hours, you might just realize you don’t really it and you’ll get yourself to save more money.

Have a budget for everything

Budget your way through! If it’s not in your budget, don’t spend on it unless it’s really important. This might suck at first but as you become disciplined, it’ll become easier. When you have a budget, you’ll know when to stop spending or at least when to slow down. You can use the good ol’ note pad for budgeting or budgeting apps.


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No peer pressure!

Peer pressure is one of the major reasons millennials spend above their budget. You want to do all your friends are doing when that single act of emotional shopping can put a dent in your account balance or even make you run into debt.

Nigerians are known for their extravagant parties and asoebi. I have a personal rule of wearing what I already have to a party or ceremony if buying asoebi isn’t in my budget. I will turn down some invites if those invited will make me spend beyond my budget.

Be like me my Nessydarls and do not allow peer pressure push you into debt! I understand that you want to look good and live that baby girl life like your friends but you need to understand that everything has it’s time. Save and invest, then use a part of the profit from your investment to enjoy yourself, that’s real wisdom.

Reduce your data bill

Oh data! A lot of people would rather spend their last money on days than on food. I asked this question on my whatsapp story some time ago and a lot of people confirmed this truth. Some said they would split the money in the ratio 60:40 with the later being for food. In their words, the data would certainly bring more money. This is not far from the truth. If you find yourself spending a lot of money on data, create a passive income which will foot your data bills.

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