It’s no longer news that everyone is anticipating the new year! You know how everyone gets so pumped up at the end of the year, well it’s December and we’re just as excited to watch the long old year come to an end with lots of celebration, Christmas rice and chicken being the fanciest part of it all.

While enjoying the festivities, carols, holiday trips and everything else in between we have to prepare for the new year. Here is a list of simple things to do while you anticipate the new year.

Set new goals

I’m going to rephrase this “set achievable goals” for the new year. It’s very easy to set big goals whenever we’re going into a new year and less than half way in, you’d realize they’re not achievable and you’d drop the whole idea.

What I think you should do is set small achieveable goals, that way you aren’t exhausted by the trailer load of work you have to do to achieve your big dream. Every thing you do should be like adding a brick on top of another and before you’d know it, you’re there!

Plan the new year

This second point is more like a continuation of point one above. I’ll advise you get a book. This book will serve as your journal for the year. Here you’ll plan your year, everything you want to do should be documented there. Set a time frame for every big goal.


Declutter your space, your social media, your phone, wardrobe, everything!! Including your heart. Let go of grudges, forgive those who hurt you, reconcile relationships if you have to, detach yourself from some relationships if you need to.

You need to have a clean space to work with, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with the clutter you have accumulated over time. Well, make sure you clean everything up just because there’s beauty in simplicity.

Pamper yourself

You want to go into the new year with a happy postive vibe! Getting yourself pampered might just be what you need to relieve yourself of this year’s stress and infact that’s what Christmas is for, enjoy and make yourself happy.

Book a spa date, go on an intentional shopping spree, go out, have fun, take pictures, decorate your space, do whatever you can afford to make yourself feel good. You’ll be glad you did!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, How prepared are you for the new year?

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Have a merry Christmas and a beautiful year!

Vanessa ❤️