One area of hair of haircare I feel hasn’t been fully explored is kids haircare, of course there are kids hair problems too but we tend to consider them as normal.

I believe if moms and aunties take conscious efforts to teach their little ones to love their beautiful tresses from a tender age, there would be less cases of trying to return natural or hating our natural hair texture.

Understanding how to handle common kids hair problems will help make the ride to keeping your kids hair at optimum health easier.

Some kids hair problems and their remedies

Cradle cap

Cradle cap is that yellow or white flakes you find on your baby’s scalp. It’s however believed to be caused by the excessive production of sebum (sebum is the natural oil produced by the skin) which eventually gets trapped on the scalp, dries up and forms flakes.
I cringe when I hear some people tell moms that their baby’s hair is dirty, nope, cradle cap is not an indication of poor hygiene, it’s just excessive sebum.

Remedy for cradle cap

Cradle cap usually goes off gradually on its own, if you however feel uncomfortable and would like to hasten the process, here’s what you can do; Use some natural oil to gently rub the scales off just before bathing time. While bathing allow the lather from the baby shampoo or soap to soak into the hair before washing it off. It’s important to note that all of it won’t go off in one day. You have to keep repeating the process until all of it goes off, don’t forget to be gentle.


Dandruff is caused as a result of dry scalp and is more common in older children.

Remedy for dandruff

Moisturise and oil the scalp consistently. Wash the hair regularly with mild shampoos to keep the scalp clean.

Bald spots

It’s very common to see bald patches in kids. This is mostly caused by dryness, friction, pulling and tugging of the hair in those areas. Most times babies pull their hair when they are in distress, continuous pulling would certainly lead to breakage and baldness.

Remedy for bald spots

  • Alternate sleeping positions.
  • Use satin pillow covers.
  • Remove your baby’s hand from their hair whenever you find them pulling their hair.

Receeding hairline

The causes of receeding hairline are very similar to those of bald patches. The major cause however is tight hairstyles that pull the hair around the front hairline and nape area.

Remedy for Receeding hairline

  • Avoid any hair style that pulls your kids hair.
  • Be gentle with combing and styling your kids hair.

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