I knew I was going to write a welcome back post yet again but I was lost on what to say to you. It’s a new year and saying Happy New Year to you is still in order. Well we could start with that!

Let’s not recount the events of the previous year that ushered us into the new normal, it’s no longer news if you ask me. I mean, we all lived through it. Through fear, pain, tears and joys. A lot of things changed, loopholes opened up “you know what they say about breeze and fowls bum” lol! I just wrote an English version. Ask someone to say it in pidgin English if you do not understand.

However, one outstanding lesson this previous year taught me was to have faith and trust God. I did before but it’s nothing compared to how I do now.


I’ll forever be thankful for this journey of documenting life. I was telling a friend the other day; “what if I didn’t create my first blog when I did? I wouldn’t have grown.”

After school you know what we expect; get good paying jobs or have family support you to start a business. I had none of that, and I still have none of it as at the time of writing this post.

Here’s the thing, if I didn’t create that first blog, I would have been one of the people walking around with CV’s in search of jobs or probably settled as a school teacher. No, that’s not a bad job, don’t get me wrong but that’s not for me.

My options would have been limited, that’s the point.

Creating that blog opened my eyes to more, it had always been a learning curve.  I kept learning and growing. And even when I got tired of it, I couldn’t just throw it away.

My connection to this blog is more emotional than intentional, it’s like that first love you can’t forget.

A lot of bloggers I knew in the blogger group I found myself then (shout out to TBA) are no longer “bloggers”. They’ve moved on to other things, most are now Youtubers, Coaches or Microbloggers on social media.

Here’s the thing, Lifestyle blogging is not as lucrative in Nigeria. When I say blogging, I mean in the context of writing. People barely read blogs, 90 percent of people prefer to watch videos than read, so it’s no surprise that a lot of people have moved on.

Why am I still here you might ask. Well,  I’d like to see it to the end lol!



The more we live, the more we grow and the more we learn. My life currently is nothing enviable. I spend most days in my house wear, switching apps on my phone, creating content, managing social media pages, managing my small team and communicating with clients.

The only fun thing I’ve done is making an attempt at losing weight and working out so I can stay healthy and fit. If you ask me, it wasn’t fun at all. The first few days had me enduring some pain I likened to labor pains. I could barely walk. I was told I felt that way because I had not being physically active. Working out through the pain taught me yet another life lesson; “even when a situation gets though, you’ll have to live through it to become better”. Did I get better? Yes I did. The pains disappeared days later. I could do those same workouts without feeling pain.


I’m hopeful for this year. I do expect a lot of good things to happen but I’m putting zero pressures on myself. I’d plan, work towards all my goals and trust God to crown my efforts with success.

Till I spill again.


Nessy ❤️